Tonsils ka desi ilaj | Remedies for tonsils

Tonsils ka ilaj ghar bethay b kiya ka sakta ha aur qudarti chezon se kiya ilaj koi b manfi asraat nahi chorta. Nechay diye gae tareekon se ap ghar bethay tonsils ka desi ilaj kar sakte han.

Haldi se tonsils ka ilaj:

Haldi koi manfi asar nahi chorti to is se kiya janay wala tonsils ka ilaj behtareen ha.

Neem garam pani k ek cup me, 1 chamach haldi daal kar gharay karen aur ek din me 2 se 3 bar ye tareeka duhrain.

Ek aur be tareeka ha, jisme ap neem garam pani k cup me 1 chamach haldi aur ek chutki kaali micrh daal kar rozana pee saktay han.

Turmeric remedy for tonsils:

Turmeric is great in treating the tonsils and it helps in curing it without any side effects, you just need to follow the mentioned method which contains all the natural items.

Take a cup of luke warm water and add a spoon of turmeric powder in it, use the mixture to gargle and this needs to be done 2 or 3 times a day. It is better to use this method prior to sleeping.

There is another great method of treating the tonsils which is to add a small amount of black pepper with a spoon of turmeric in luke warm water and consume it once a day.

tonsils ka desi ilaj

Daar cheeni se tonsils ka ilaj:

Daar cheeni se b tonsils ka desi ilaj kiya ja sakta ha, jis k liye apko ek cup neem garam pani me 1 chota chamach daar cheeni aur 2 chamach shehad daal kar rozana pena hoga.

Ap ghar bethay daar cheeni se tonsils se nijat paa saktay han.

Tonsils treatment with cinnamon:

Cinnamon works great in treating the tonsils, you just need to add 2 spoons of honey in a cup of luke warm water and consume it on a daily basis.

Agar apko tonsils ki shikayat ha to ye tonsils ka desi ilaj k tareekay azmain aur ap is se chutkara pain.

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