Rang gora krny k totky | Tips for natural skin whitening

Gora rang sab ko pasand ha aur aisay bohat se log han duniya me, jo apna rang gora karna chahtay han. Rang gora karne wali creams istemal karne se behtar ha k insan qudarti ajza se rang gora kare aur ye han rang gora krny k totky.

Papeetay se rang gora karen:

1 chamach papeeta lain aur is me adha chamach lemon ka ras mila lain, is ameezay ko 20 minute klie chehray per lagain. Ye totkar har roz istemal karen aur ye chikni jild klie bohat faidaymand ha q k ye chiknahat jazb kar leta ha isliye isy rang gora krny k desi totky ki fehrist me shamil kiya gya ha.

Papaya for skin whitening:

Take a small amount of papaya pulp as required according to the area on which you need to apply the mixture and add a half teaspoon of lemon juice in it. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes and wash it away, repeat it daily and this method is great for the oily skin as it absorbs the oil.

rang gora krny k totky

Dahi se rang gora karen:

Dahi na sirf rang gora karne me madad deta ha, balkay ye danoon k daag dhabay aur dhoop se jail jild ko b dor karne me mufeed ha. 1 chamach dahi me adha chamach haldi mila kar 30 minute klie chehray per lagain. Ye tareeka rozana dohrain aur ye rang gora krny k totky me se sb se behtar totka ha.

Yogurt for fair skin:

The yogurt mixture is outstanding for the skin fairness, take a small amount of yogurt and add half teaspoon of turmeric in it. Apply the paste on the face for 30 minutes and you will get great results in a few days. This method will also assist in getting rid of suntan and marks of pimples.

rang gora krny k tareekay

Gajar se rang gora karne ka tareeka:

Gajar b rang gora karne me madad deti ha, blender me gajar ko pees lain aur is me 1 chamach dahi aur kuch qatray lemon ka ras mila kar 20 minutes klie chehray per lagain. Is rang gora krny k tareekay ka koi nuksan ni ha.

Carrot for skin fairness:

Blend a carrot in blender and add a small amount of yogurt as well as lemon juice in it, apply it on the face for 20 minutes. This will not only turn the skin fair, but will also remove the dead skin cells which makes the person look dull.

Uper diye gae rang gora krny k totky me se ap koi b aazma sakte han, koi b tareeka nuksan day nahin ha.

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