Eyeliner styles for small eyes and attractive appearance

Eyes are an important part of face and they play a vital role in making a person look attractive, especially the girls. Here are a few eyeliner styles for small eyes, which are great to make the eyes look bigger and attractive. Try these and select the one which suit your face.

eyeliner styles for small eyes

Winged eyeliner:

It is easy to apply and this style is applied upward as well as outward from the corner of the eye. It doesn’t end with the eye, it makes the small eyes appear bigger due to which it is included in this list of eyeliner styles to make eyes look bigger and it also makes the girl appealing if it suits the face shape.

eyeliner styles to make eyes look bigger

Cat eyeliner:

This style of applying eyeliner resembles the winged eyeliner, but there is a little bit difference because the thickness is less than the winged eyeliner style. It is one of the best choice for eyeliner styles for party makeup because it gives an amazing look to the face when the eyes are adorned with this eyeliner style.

eyeliner style

Fishtail eyeliner:

This eyeliner style has 2 corners and it looks awesome, it is one of the best eyeliner styles for small eyes because it makes the eyes look bigger. It is not difficult to apply and it gives a stunning look if it is applied with eyeshadow to attend a special event.

eyeliner styles for party makeup

Smudged eyeliner:

It is good for those who love smokey eyes, the brush is used for the smudge effect after the eyeliner is applied. This is one of the eyeliner styles for small eyes which eliminates the need of eye shadow because it covers most of the area of the eye lid.

These all are great for the small eyes and a girl can apply a different eyeliner style every day for changing the fabulous look. All of them give a unique look to the face, winged eyeliner can be applied for the normal day routine like for going to the work.

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