Baby health tips in urdu and foods to feed

There are no parents in this world, who don’t want to have a healthy child or wants the child to become healthy if he/she is born weak. The natural foods are best to make a baby healthy or to get a healthy baby during pregnancy, here are the amazing baby health tips in urdu for you.

baby health tips in urdu

Banana for healthy baby:

Banana is rich in potassium as well as iron, nothing is best for a baby to feed him/her banana shake for making healthy.

tips for baby health

Sweet potatoes for baby health:

This is another amazing food for the babies and it is also easy to feed because they are soft, babies also like it’s taste. They contain iron and minerals that are good for the human system due to which it is included in this list of tips for baby health.

Yogurt for healthy baby:

Yogurt not only helps in making the baby healthy, but also makes the bones as well as teeth strong. The fats in the yogurt is something that babies required for becoming healthy that’s why this item is added in this baby health tips in urdu.

how to get healthy baby

Protein for having healthy baby:

A lady going to become a mother can have a healthy baby by increasing the amount of protein in her diet, she should eat meat and pulses while the baby is in the womb. Fish is also a great source of protein, a lady should intake the protein rich foods that suits her body. This is a good way of how to get healthy baby instead of making efforts to make him/her healthy after the birth.

Babies look adorable when they are healthy and people who want to improve the health of their baby should try the above mentioned baby health tips in urdu, so their baby can gain weight. None of the mentioned foods is harmful for the baby’s health.

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