Rang gora karne wali cream ka formula | Whitening cream formula

Hmaray muashray me khoobsorti goray rang ko kaha jata hay. Gora rang sbhe chahty hen, lekn qudrat ksi ksi ko gora rang deti hay. Lehaza kai logon ka rang to gora hota hay magr dhoop se kaala hojata hay, in sab masail ka sasta aur asar daik haal home remedies hain, qk inka koi side effect nai. Kya ap rang gora krna chahty hain, ye hai rang gora karne wali cream ka formula apklie:

gora karne wali cream ka formula

Badam, Doodh aur Shahaid se rang gora:

Badam, Doodh aur Shahaid, ye tamam cheez skin klie behtareen hain, ek chai ka chamch milk powder lain, ek chai ka chamach lain shahaid aur ek chae ka chamach limu ka ras lain, ism eek chamach badam ka tail mix kren aur paste bna lain. Isko paste ki cream bna kr 15 minute chehray par rozana lagaen, kuch dino me fark saaf nazar anay lagega. Rang gora karne wali cream kase banain jannana chahty hen to parhye ye article.

Almond, milk and honey for whitening:

Almond, honey and milk, all these things are best for the skin, so take 1 tsp milk powder and add 1 tsp honey along with 1 tsp lemon juice and almond oil. Mix all these things well and make a paste, then apply this paste on skin for 15 minutes and within some days you will be able to see clear results on the skin.

Baisan aur Doodh se cream banain:

Rang gora karne wali cream ka tareeka ye hay, try kren ye aur farak dekhain. Ye cream khastor pe best hay oily skin walay logon klie, 4 chamach doodh lain, ism eek chamach shahaid aur ek chamach baisan millain, achi trha mix krk is cream ko 10 minute klie mu pe laggaen. Is cream ko rozana sbha uthty aur raat ko sotay lagaen. Janana chahty hen rang gora karne wali cream ka formula, apply kren ye cream.

Flour and milk for whitening cream:

This cream is best for the individuals who have oily skin, take 4 spoons milk and add 4 spoons of flour in it, mix well and then apply on the face for 15 minutes. Apply this cream daily in evening and morning for the best results.

Haldi aur Zaitoon k tail se rang gora:

Qudarti rang gora karne wali cream ye hay, try kren ye aur farak dekhain. Rang gora krny ki ek cream haldi aur zaitoon kay teil se banti hay, ek chamch haldi lain aur ek chamch zaitoon ka tail, inko mix krk chehry pe lagen 10 minute klie aur jadoo dekhain. Ye hay tamam rang gora karne wali cream ka formula, try kren inhen aur kuch he dino me jadoo dekhain.

Turmeric and olive oil for skin whitening:

The cream for the fairness of the skin is made with turmeric and olive oil, take 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp turmeric. Mix well and apply on the face for 15 minutes so that you will get the best results.

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