Baal lambe karne ka shampoo tyar karne ka tareeka

Lambay baal aurat ki khoobsorti ko aur barha detey hain, khawaten aksar lambay baalon ko istemal krti hain husan me izafa krny klie. Lambay baalon ki khawahish har aurat krti hay magr har aurat baal lambay krny me kamyaab nai hoti. Aksar auratoon ko ye skiyat rehti hay k in baal nai barhtay, un tamam aurtoon klie ye hai behtareen baal lambe karne ka shampoo:

Mehndi se baal lamnay karen:

Mehndi ka istemal baalon klie behtareen hay, mehndi se baal dhonaay se na sirf baal lambay hotay hain balke ghanay aur silky be hojatay hain. Mehndi lain peesi howi isko pani me mix krk ballon pe laga lain, adha ghanty intezar kren aur phir dho lain. Kuch he arsay me baal ghanay mulaim aur baal nazar aeengay. Qudarti shampoo se baal lambe karen ka haal hay ye totka.

Qudarti shampoo se baal lambe karen

Henna for long hair:

Henna is the best to be used on the hair, by washing your hair with henna you can not only make the hair strong but silky and soft as well. Take ground henna leaves, mix water in it and make a paste. Then apply this paste on the hair for 30 minutes and then wash off. Within some time you will notice a change in the length of your hair.

Chai ki Pati se baal lambay karna:

Kya ap jannana chahty hen k baal lambe karen shampoo se, agr haan to parhye ye article. Chai ki pati baalon klie behtaren cheez hay, chai ki pati se baal dhonay se baal lambay aur ghanay hojatay hain. Kuch he dino kay istemal se saaf fark dekhaai deta hay, chae ki patti lain isko pani me daal kar iska rang nikalain aur phir isse bal dho lain. Haftaay me do teen bar istemal kren. Jannana chahty hen k baal lambe karne ka shampoo bnta hay to prhyee ye article.

Tea bags for hair growth:

Tea bags are the best for hair, from washing your hair with the tea bags one can make them strong and thick. By using it for some days, you will notice a great difference in your hair, take some tea bags and add them in water, then wash your hair with this water. Use this twice or thrice a week.

baal lambe karne ka shampoo

Peyaaz se baal lambay:

Kya ap jannana chahty hen k baal lambe karne ka shampoo kase banain, to parhye ye gharelu totka. Peyaaz lain aur isko grind krk saar me laga lain, isse barh taizi se barhty aur ugtay hain. Isk ilwaa peyaaz ko pees krk isme thora sa shampoo add kren aur phr isse baal dhoain.  Kuch he dino me fark wazeah hoga. Ye hain tamam baal lambe karne ka shampoo.

Onion for long hair:

Take an onion and grind it, apply in it the scalp as hair growth is increased by it and hair grows quite fast. Apart from that you can also grind onion and add it in shampoo as it makes the hair growth fast.

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