Aankhon ke dard ka ilaj in Urdu | Eyes pain treatment

Ankhaain jism ka sbse nazuk hissa hoti hen aur beshaak khoobsurat hisaa be. Ankhon jese k bohat nazuk hoti hain, ink masail be sabse zada hoty hen. Ankhon ka bohat khayal rakhnaa parta hay, wrnaa in me sojan aur dard jese masail hoksty hein. Ankhon ki sojaan aur dard ki bohat si wajooat hoti hain, jese k neend ki kami, ronaa, ankhon me dhool ka chalaay jana ya allergy wagera. Aankhon ke dard ka ilaj in Urdu ye hay apklie.

Aankhon ke dard ka ilaj in Urdu

Aloo se aankhon k dard ka ilaj:

Aloo khanay me he bas ek mazedar sabzi nai, isk bohat say fawaid hain jesay ankhon ki dard aur sojan se nijaat. Agr apki ankh me dard ya sojaan hay to ek aloo lain aur isko cheel kr grind krlain. Is gooday ko 15 min ankhon pr lgaen phr mu dho lain. Aankhon ke dard ka ghareelu ilaj ye hai behtareen ilaj.

Potato to treat eye pain:

Potato is not just a delicious vegetable, it has a lot of health benefits as well, like it can be used for the eyes pain and swelling. If you want to use it, peel it and grind it, then apply the pulp on the eyes for 15 mins and after that wash off your face.

Aankhon ke dard ka ghareelu ilaj

Sabz chae se aankhon k dard ka ilaj:

Aankhon ke dard ka asaan ilaj hay ye, apnaen isaay aur jaddo dekhain. Ankhoon ki dard aur sojaan klie ek adad behtareen cheez sabz chae ki patiyan hain, sabz chae k tea bags lain aur isko 3 min tak ublty pani me dalain phr thanda krk inhen ankhon p rkhlen. Aankhon ke dard ka ilaj in Urdu, janye is article k zarye.

Green tea to cure eye pain:

For the eyes pain and swelling, green tea is the best thing. Take green tea, tea bags and dip them in boiling water for 3 minutes, then wait for it to cool down and then put them on the eyes.

Kheera se aakhon ki dard dor karen:

Ghar bethay aankhon ke dard ka ilaj kren, in nuskhon ki madad se. Kheera ki taseer thandi hoti hay jo isko ankhon k dard aur soji howi ankhon ka behtareen ilaj bnati hay. Kheera katain k risk do tukraay lain aur inko ankhon pe rkhen 15 se 20 min klie, kuch ghanton me ap behtar feelĀ  krengy. Ye hain tamam nuskhaay aankhon ke dard ka ilaj in Urdu k.

Cucumber to get rid of eye pain:

The efficacy of cucumber is cold, which makes it the best thing for eyes pain and swelling. Take a cucumber, cut two slices from it and put them on the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, you will feel great within some hours.

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