Kharish ka ilaj | Itching treatment

Kharish ek marz hay jo insaan ko kabee bhe kahen be ruswaa kersakta hay, kharish ki bohat si wajoohat hotein hain. Sabkliee kharish ki wajoohat farak farak hoti hain, bohat si asan remedies hain jinse kharish jism k ksi be hisay me ho kuch he din me khatam hojati hay. Khujli se ilaaj ub mushkil nai, apnaen ye nuskhaay aur jadu dekhain. Kharish ka ilaj hay ye:

Kharish ka ilaj

Safeed Sirka kharish klie behtareen:

Kharish ka desi ilaj hay sirkaa, sirkaa laen aur jaddoo dekhain. Neem garam pani me thora sa sirka mix kren, aur is pani me jism ko 15 minute tak bhigoo k rakhain. Sirka aur pani ka istemal kharish ky liey ek bhetreen ghraloo nuskha hy.

White vinegar best for itching:

Mix a bit of vinegar in lukewarm water and dip your body in it for 15 minutes, the combination of vinegar and water is best to treat body itching.

Kharish ka desi ilaj

Olive oil se kharish ka nijaat:

Kharish ka ilaj ghar per kren olive oil se. Oil khairsh klie behtareen cheez hai, koi be oil istemal kia jsakta hay olive oil ya almond oil. Koi be oil din me ek baar kharish wali jagah pe lagaen, fark saaf zaher hoga. Kharish ka ilaj jannana chahty hen to parhyee ye article.

Treat itching with olive oil:

Oil is best to treat itching, use any oil almond oil or olive oil to get relief from itching. Take any oil and apply it on the body twice in a day, you will get the best results.

Kharish ka ilaj ghar per

Baking Soda kharish klie:

Kharish ka ilaj asani se karain baking soda k sath. Baking soda lain or isme pani mix kr k paste bna lein, is paste ko kharish wali jagah pe lagain kharish khtm ho jyey gi.  Kharish ka ilaj bohat he asaan hay, in totkoon ko apnaen aur kuch he din me dekhain jadoo.

Baking Soda for itching:

Take baking soda and add water in it to make a paste, apply this paste on the affected area of the body to get relief from itching.

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