Bawaseer ka ilaj in Urdu | Home remedy for piles

Bawaseer ko English me piles be kaha jata hay, ye ek aesi bemmari hay jisse aksar log pareshan rehty hain. Is bemmari ki sabse common wajah hmara khaana peena hay, basaweer ek bohat he dard daik bemmari hai lekn is ka ilaaj home remedies k through kia jasakta hay. Bawaseer ka ilaj in Urdu ye hay apklie, apnaeen ye totkaay aur jaddo dekhain:

Bawaseer ka ilaj in Urdu

Daal Chini Aur Shahaid se bawaseer ka ilaj:

Daal Chini aur Shahid dono he bohat faeedaymand cheezain hain, in dono ko lain 1 chamch daal chini me ek chamach Shahaid aur mix krk kha len. Ye ek bahtreen remedy hai, jo apko faeeda deygi. Bawaseer ka gharrelu ilaj hay shahaid aur daal cheeni.

Cinnamon and Honey for piles treatment:

Cinnamon and honey both are very beneficial things, take both 1 tsp, 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon and then mix them. This is a best remedy which will benefit you a lot.

Ispahgol bawaseer klie:

Bawaseer kase dor karen, janna chahty hen to istemal kren ispaghol. Ispaghol pait k marz klie ek neymat hay, ye aur bhe bohat say gharelu totkon me istemal hota. Ispaghol k baray me behtareen baat ye hay k iska koi nuksan nai hay. 6 gram pani lain aur isk sath ispaghol kha lain, bawaseer jald khatam hojaeegi.  Bawaseer ka ilaj in Urdu ye hay apklie.

Bawaseer ka gharrelu ilaj

Ispaghol for piles:

Ispaghol is a blessing for all those who have stomach problems and besides that it is used in a lot of home remedies like piles. The best thing about ispaghol is that it has no side effects. Take 6 gram water and eat ispaghol with it, piles will be treated.

Mehndi k pattay se bawaseer ka ilaj:

Bawaseer se chutkara paeen mehndi k paton se. Mehndi k pattay bohat say totkon me istemal hoty hain, jese balon k rangny klie ye behtareen sabit hotay hain. Mehndi k chilkaay sukhaa kar pees lain, aur isko phir ghee me mix krk bawaseer per lagaen, ek maheeny me faeda hasil hoga. Bawaseer ka ilaj in Urdu ye hai, ye sab remedies apki madad krsakti hen kuch he dino me beemari door karnay mein.

Henna leaves for treating piles:

Henna leaves are used in allot of home remedies, henna leaves are also used in a lot of home remedies like for dying the hair, it is the best. Take the leaves and dry them when done, then add ghee in it and apply it on the affected area for the best results.

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