Phitkari uses for hair removal in urdu

Phitkari is known as alum in English, phitkari is not only good for the unwanted hairs, but it is good for the skin in many different ways. With it, you can heal the cracked heels, bad odors, you can cure pimples with it and it is best for wrinkles as well. Phitkari has unlimited benefits, so grab it and do all the best home remedies with it to gain the best results. Phitkari uses for hair removal are here for you in Urdu:

Phitkari uses for hair removal in urdu

Phitkari (Alum) & water for hair removal:

Looking for tips about phitkari uses for hair removal with ease, try this. Alum is best for removing the hairs that you don’t need and its good to be used on the private parts of the body as well, all you need to do is when you wax or removed the hairs then apply it on.

Take some water mix phitkari in it, get it dissolved and wash the part you want to remove the hair permanently with alum water. Phitkari for hair removal at home are here for you.

Phitkari for hair removal at home

Alum & rose water to remove unwanted hair:

Phitkari is best for the pimples as well, it is not only good for the hair removal. How to use phitkari for hair removal is here for you, so all you have to do is take 1 spoon phitakri powder and 1 spoon of rose water. Mix both well and make a smooth paste, then remove the hair with wax and apply it on the area from where you removed the hairs. Wait for 10 minutes before you wash off and that’s all. It is one of the best way of phitkari uses for hair removal for you.

How to use phitkari for hair removal

Phitkari and its best uses:

Phitkari can be best used for removing hairs from the legs, shave, under arms, under legs, face and upper lips as well. Phitkari has no side effects so use it and see the best results within a month. Looking for phitkari uses for hair removal, try these remedies.

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