Gala kharab ka ilaj in Urdu | Remedies for cough

Gala kharab, nazla, zukaam or khansi ek aesi cheez hay jo ham saal me kai bar experience krtay hain. Gala kharab me do tarah ki khansi hoti hay ek balghami khansi aur doosri khushk khansi, dono he bohat bura haal krti hain. Gala kharab ho agr to jald se jald ilaj krna chahye qk ye bohat si bemarion ki traf le jata hay. Borhay, bachay, khawaten koi be gala kharab ka shikar hoskata hay, pareshani ki baat nai qk ye hay gala kharab ka ilaj in Urdu apklie:

gala kharab ka ilaj in Urdu

Adrak se kharab gala ka ilaj:

Adrak aur Shehad khansi ka sabse behtareen ilaj hay, ye gala kharab ka ghareelu ilaj hai aya ye khushk khansi ho ya balgami khansi in dono ka ye ek behtareen ilaj hay. Ek adrak ki choti si tukri lain, iska juice nikal kr shehad me mix kren aur kha len. Do teen din k istemal se he afaqa hojaega.

Ginger for treating cough:

Honey and Ginger is the best cure for cough, whether it’s dry cough or cough with phlegm. Take a piece of ginger (small one), take out its juice and add one spoon of honey in it, mix well and eat. In two or three days you will get to see the best results.

gala kharab ka ghareelu ilaj

Kali mirch se kharab gala thek karen:

Gala kharab ka totka ye hay, istemal kren shehad aur kali mirch best results klie. Shahed ek bohat faeydamand cheez hay, isme bohat si bemarion ka ilaj hay. Ek chutki black pepper lain aur isko ek chamch khalis shaheed add kren. Isko ek haftaay klie din mein do se teen bar istemal kren. Jannana chahty hen gala kharab ka ilaj in Urdu ka behtareen ilaj kya hay to amzaen ye gharelu nuskhaa aur jadoo dekhain.

Black pepper to cure cough:

Honey is a very good thing, it has a cure of a lot of ailments. Take a pinch of grounded black pepper and add it in a tsp of pure honey, use this two to three times a day for a week and your cough will be cured.

Lehsan se kharab galay ka ilaj:

Gala kharab ka desi ilaj hay lehsan, lehsan Allah ki neymaton me se ek hay. Ye galay klie intehai muffed hay. Agr ap khansi ka shikar hain, galay me balgham hay ya khansi khushk hay to din me do bar cheel kr ek lehsan ki turi kha len. Ye hay gala kharab ka ilaj in Urdu gharelu totkon k zarye sirf apklie.

Garlic for cough treatment:

Garlic is a blessing from Allah to us, it is best for the cough. If you have cough either it’s a dry one or the one with phlegm then take a garlic, peel it and eat it two times in a day.

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