High blood pressure ka ilaj in Urdu | Remedies for lowering blood pressure

Blood pressure ek jan leva bemari hay, issy hypertension be kaha jata hay par khushi ki baat ye hay k ye qabil e ilaj hay. Blood pressure ek aesi beemari hay jiska jald se jald ilaj krlena chahye wrna ye bohat si bemarion ki taraf le jata hay insane ko, blood pressure ki bohat si alamt hain jese sar me dard rehna aur sojan wagera, janany chahty hen high blood pressure ka ilaj in Urdu to parhye ye article:

high blood pressure ka ilaj in Urdu

Zeera high blood pressure klie:

Zeera masalon me se ek aam masala hay, jo aksar khanon me istemal hota hay, zeera blood pressure klie best hay. Bp wala afrad rozana raat ko sonay se pehlay aik tea spoon pisa hoa zeera lain aur pani k sath khaen, chand din me best results paengy. High blood pressure ka ghareelu ilaj ye hay apklie.

Cumin for high blood pressure:

Cumin is from the spices that we use in our daily life, it is usually in paki dishes on a daily basis. it is best for the bp issue, if you have blood pressure than take 1 spoon of grinded cumin and take it with water every night, you will get the best results within a few days.

Lehsan ka istemal blood pressure klie:

High blood pressure ka ilaj kase karen is article se janye. Lehsan be high bp klie ek mufeed cheez hay, ek lehsan ki turi lain aur iska juice nikal lain phr isme ek chamch shahaid mix krain aur pani me mila k pee lain, ye rozana sbha me peyain aur paen behtareen results. jannana chahty hain high blood pressure ka ilaj in Urdu azmaen ye nuskhay.

High blood pressure ka ghareelu ilaj

Use of garlic for lowering blood pressure:

Garlic is also used for the issue of high bp, take one piece of it and take out its juice then add it in one spoon honey, mix well and then add in water. Drink this daily to get rid of high blood pressure.

Amlaa ka istemal bp kum karne klie:

High blood pressure klie desi totkay ye hain. Amla ka istemal be bp wala logon klie behtareen hay, amla bohat si home remedies mei istemal hota hay. 2 tsp amla lain aur isko grind krk chaan len phr ism ek chamch honey mix krk roz sbha peaain. Ye hain tammam totkay for high blood pressure ka ilaj in Urdu.

Use of ghooseberry for lowering bp:

Amla is best for the individuals who have high blood pressure, it is used in a lot of home remedies because of its best effects. Take 2 tsp amla and grind it, then stain it and add a spoon of honey in it, mix well and drink daily.

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