Maday ki jalan ka ilaj in Urdu | Stomach problem treatment

Hm log ek aesay muaashary me rehty hain jahan har roz ek naayi beemari dareyaft hoti hay, in me se ek tezi se brhnaay wali bemari hay mayday ki jalan. Mayday ki janam ek aesa masla hay jiska shikaar har umer k log hain, bohraay, bachy, khawaten aur mard sab mayday ki jalan ka shikar rehty hain. Mayday ki jalan ki waja hmri khoorak hay, fast food aur masalaydar cheezain zadater mayday ki jalan ka bais banti hay. Maday ki jalan ka ilaj in Urdu ye hay apklie:

Maday ki jalan ka ilaj in Urdu

Zeera se maday ki jalan k ilaj:

Maiday ki jalan klie aik sangtra lain aur iska juice nikal lain, phr isme derh chamach bhoona hoaa zeera aur ek chutki kala namak dal kr mix kr lain, isko roz peyain. Kya ap jannana chahty hen k maday ki jalan kase dor karen, to try kren ye nushkay.

Cumin Seeds for stomach problem treatment:

For acidity, take one orange and take out its juice, then add 1 and half spoon of hot and dry cumin seeds in it and add a pinch of black salt in it. Mix well and drink it on a daily basis for the best results.

maday ki jalan kase dor karen

Papeeta se maday ka ilaj:

Kya ap jannana maday ki jalan ka ilaj in Urdu, try kren ye gharelu nuskhay. Maiday ki jalaan klie papeeta ek behtareen cheez hay, papeeta ek mazedar phal hay jo mayday ki jalan ko kuch he dino me khatam krdeta hay. Roz papeeta khaeen ya iska juice peyain aur best results paen, maday ki jalan ka ghareelu ilaj ye hay.

Papaya for curing stomach problem:

Papaya is one amazing thing that you can use for acidity, it is a delicious fruit that can be used as the best treatment to treat acidity. Eat papaya daily or drink its juice on a daily basis to get the best results.

Podina se maday ki jalan dor karain:

Maday ki jalan ka asaan ilaj ye hay apklie, apnaen ye nuskhay aur fori haal paen. Ek liter pani lain aur isme ek jarh mint ki dalain, in dono ko boil krlain. Is pani ko din me 3 bar pi lain or kuch he dino me mayday ki jalan se nijaat paen. Ye hain tamam bahtareen gharlu nushkaay for maday ki jalan ka ilaj in Urdu.

Mint to get rid of stomach problem:

For the best results, take one liter water and add a stem of mint in it, boil all these things together. Drink this water three times in a day and within some days you will get to see the best results.

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