Natural uterus swelling treatment in Urdu

The size of a normal uterus is almost as same as the size of an apple. There can be a large number of the reasons for the uterus to become swollen or enlarged. But the most common reason is a uterine fibroid. Uterine fibroids are harmless, but still they need monitoring and there is nothing to worry about it.  Although if this is not the cause for swollen uterus, there can be still many reason. The best thing that you can use for this internal swelling is home remedies. Here are all the best remedies for uterus swelling treatment in Urdu for you:

uterus swelling treatment in Urdu

Cinnamon powder for uterus swelling treatment:

The powder of cinnamon inside it has antioxidants; these antioxidants are very beneficial for the body in several ways. Apart from all the benefits, another amazing thing is that it reduces the amount of swelling that one has in the body. For treating the menstrual cycling, it is also a good ingredient that one can use.

All you have to do is take ¼ tsp of this powder and add it in lukewarm water. Drink it daily before going to the bed, within some weeks you will see a great difference in the uterus swelling issue. Home remedies for treating uterus swelling are for you.

Home remedies for treating uterus swelling

Fennel seeds for curing uterus swelling:

How to treat uterus swelling at home is here, read this article. Both of these ingredients have a great combination, but both of these are the best for the body. Boil one cup of water, add half tsp of fennel seeds and green cardamom in it. Drink this daily after every meal you take, this is not only best for the internal swelling; but also great for the menstrual issues. These are all the amazing remedies that you can try for uterus swelling treatment in Urdu.

Flax Seeds for treating uterus swelling:

Uterus swelling treatment tips and remedies are here for you. To remove the toxins from the body, flax seeds are the best natural herb that anyone can use. Omega 3 and fiber are present in the flax seeds which are best to reduce inflammation from the internal organs of the body.

Boil one or two tsp of this and add in one glass of milk. Heat together and drink it daily before going to bed for the best results. Looking for tips that how to treat uterus swelling treatment in Urdu then try these amazing remedies.

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