Tips for open pores on face in Urdu for clear skin

Having pores on skin is not a bad thing; pores provide the skin with essential natural oil. This oil keeps the skin hydrated and smooth and beside it, it also allows the skin to breathe. They oil performs many different tasks and is also responsible for eliminating toxins from the body. Although, these pores enlarged or you can say expand when they are clogged or dilated. Normally, the individuals with oily skin tend to have more open pores than the individuals who have dry skin. These pores are usually visible around the nose, because there are more oil glands. In order to have a flawless and healthy skin, it is best to prevent the opening of pores and you can do it by maintaining a correct balance of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The reason behind the open pores can be many, like stress, genetics and hormonal changes, etc. Tips for open pores on face in Urdu are here for you:

Tips for open pores on face in Urdu

 Ice Cubes for open pores:

Among all the best home remedies for open pores on face is ice cubes, use ice cubes and see how magically they will work on the face. Using ice over the face is an instant remedy that one can do for open pores that will stimulate blood circulation. Using ice over the skin will make your skin appear healthier.

First of all, cleanse your face and the rub an ice cube. Repeat this several times in a day and keep doing this for about 5-10 seconds. Ice cubes act as the best toner for tightening the pores on the skin. You can also add lemon juice or tomato juice in the ice cubes, instead of ice.

home remedies for open pores on face

Almonds for pore free skin:

How to treat open pores on face is no more hard when almonds are here. Do you know that the skin restorative properties of almonds minimize open pores? So it’s best for the face, using almond over the skin makes the skin smooth and clear.

For using almonds, all you have to do is take 5-6 almonds and crush them, after crushing add a few drops of lemon juice. Grind well and make a mixture, apply on the face and then wait for 20 minutes. When done, then wash off and make sure that you wash the face with cold water. Looking for all the best tips for open pores on face in Urdu, then check the article below.

How to treat open pores on face

Oatmeal mask for open pores:

Oatmeal mask is the best to be used for open pores on face tips. For cleansing the face, oatmeal is the best thing. It not only moisturizes the skin, but makes it soft as well for the tightening of the skin pores, one can use it. Grind oatmeal along with tomato and then apply on the face. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off.

These are all the best tips for open pores on face in Urdu for you, try them and get awesome results.

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