Bachon k motion ka ilaj in Urdu | Loose motion treatment

Aksar aukat logon aur ya unk bachon ko motion ki skiyaat rehti hay, motion sehat klie intehai nuksaan de cheez hay. Ye sari energy apny sath le jatay hain, bukhar aur bohat si wajohaat se motion ho skty hain. Motions ka ilaaj bohat sey gharelu nuskhon se mumkin hay. Ye hay apklie bachon k motion ka ilaj in Urdu:

bachon k motion ka ilaj in Urdu

Adrak se bachon k motion ka ilaj:

Bachon k motion ka ghareelu ilaj ye hay apklie. Adrak achi sehat klie bedhad zaroori hay, to adrak ka ras lain ek chamch aur ism ek chamch limu ka ras aur kali mirch mila lain, ye lose motion sahe krnay ka bahtareen totka hay. Lose motions klie adrak ki chae bohat karamad hay, isse dust foran thek hojaty hain.

Ginger to treat motion in children:

For good health, ginger is a very nice thing, if your kid is going through lose motions, then take the juice of garlic 1 spoon and add the juice of lemon in it and add black pepper as well, this is the best remedy to treat the loose motions. For loose motions, you can also take the tea of ginger, this is another best remedy to treat the loose motion quickly.

Bachon k motion ka ghareelu ilaj

Sangtray kay chilkay se motion ka ilaj:

Bachon k motion ka ilaj asani se karen is remedy k sath. Sangtra bohat si remdies mei istemal hota hay skin klie lekn ap isko lose motions klie bhe istemal kr skty hain. Sangtray k chalkay lain aur inko sookhaa k iskaa pwder bna lain, ab munakay k sukhey beej lain aur inko be pess lain. In dono powder ko barabr miqdar me lain aur pani me mila k pee lain. Ye hain tamaam behtareen totkay for bachon k motion ka ilaj in Urdu.

Orange peels for treating motion:

Orange peels are used in a lot of remedies and especially for the remedies of skin, but it is also very helpful in treating the loose motions. Take the peels of orange and dry them, make powder of it by grinding. Then take the seeds of dried grapes and grind them. Mix both in same amount and drink by adding in water.

Bachon k motion ka asaan ilaj

Choti elaichi se motion ka ilaj karen:

Bachon k motion ka asaan ilaj ye hay. Choti elaichi pait k masial k lie best cheez hay, 2 choti elaichiyan len aur inko ek glass pani me pakaen, jab pani ka rng halka green hojae to isko pee lain. Har char ghanty baad ye pani peyain. Kya ap dhoond rhy hen bachon k motion ka ilaj in Urdu, ye nuskhay try kren.

Small cardamom for motion treatment:

Small cardamom is best for the stomach issues, take two cardamom and boil them in 1 glass in water. When the water starts to change the color and it turns light green then drink it. Drink this water every four hours and get the best benefits.

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