Effective baby care tips for new moms in Urdu

Most of the new moms don’t know how to handle the kids and that’s why they get rashes, but for all the moms, it’s the worst feeling in the world to see the babies uncomfortable or in pain. Seeing the baby cry from the nasty diaper rash is something that can make you cry with the kid too, but don’t worry because there are many best remedies that can prevent the diaper rash within some days or even hours. Here are all the best baby care tips for new moms in Urdu:

baby care tips for new moms in Urdu

Coconut oil for newborn baby care:

Care tips for new born baby are here for you. Coconut oil is something that has unlimited benefits and that’s why all of us already have it in the kitchen always. So if your baby has rashes, then use it because nothing is better than coconut oil that you can use.

For using it, all you have to do is wash the baby and then apply a thick layer of this oil on the affected area. Keep doing it until the rashes disappear.

Oatmeal for taking care of newborn:

Care tips for new born baby

Natural baby care tips are these, give them a try. Oatmeal is something that we have always heard of, especially when it comes to the home remedies and that’s because it is best for the skin.

For using it on the rashes, all you have to do is put it in a blender and make a powder of it. Mix it in water and let your baby take a bath from this water for at least 20 minutes. Looking for baby care tips for new moms in Urdu, here are the best tips for you.

White vinegar benefit for newborn baby:

Tips for baby care at home

Tips for baby care at home is here, give them a chance and see what magic they can do to the baby. White vinegar is also best for the baby rashes, using it is simple. All you have to do is mix it in the water and gently clean the affected area of the baby with it every time you change the diapers of the baby.

Apart from using it, avoid all the things like scented diapers etc. One must change the diaper of the baby on time and keep the bottom area as dry as you can. These are all the best baby care tips for new moms in Urdu, try them and get your baby cured as early as possible.

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