Doctor Bilqees beauty tips in Urdu for clear skin

Beauty is all what every one of us need, without beauty there is nothing that can make you feel good. The individuals who think that they are not beautiful always feel bad about their appearance and gatherings make them conscious. What make us look bad are not the features, it’s the scars, acne and pimples on the face that makes us look bad. So treat them and have a confident life, here are doctor Bilqees beauty tips in Urdu for you:

doctor Bilqees beauty tips in Urdu

Dr Bilqees tips for removing acne:

Doctor Bilqees tips for beauty

Doctor Bilqees tips for beauty are here; try them to get amazing results. Pimples make the face look bad no matter how attractive the features are, so cut out all the acne that your face has with this simple remedy.

For removing acne, all you have to do is take 2 to 3 teaspoons of dried basil leaves, take one cup water. Add the leaves to this water and put them to boil for 10 to 20 minutes. After boiling, let it cool down and then apply the paste on the face. You will get best results within a week. Beauty tips by doctor Bilqees are here for you.

Dr Bilqees tips for pimple free shiny face:

doctor Bilqees beauty tips and tricks

Pimples make the face dull and that makes one look dull too, a shiny and a glowing face is what you need to look attractive. Doctor Bilqees beauty tips in Urdu is here for you, so that you can make your face look attractive.

For a shiny face, all you have to do is take 1.5 liter mineral water and add 1kg rose petals in it. Boil it and now wait for it cool down, when done, then add 5 to 6 drops of tincture of benzoyin. Mix well and wash your face with it every morning.

Tips for clear skin by Dr Bilqees:

Clear skin can make you look beautiful even if you have not applied any makeup on the face, doctor Bilqees beauty tips and tricks are these, give them a try and get clear skin within some days.

For clear skin, all you have to do is take rice flour ½ tsp and add 1 tbsp Egg white along with Carrot Pulp 1 tbsp and Orange Juice 2tbsp. Don’t forget to add the orange peel as well, mix well and make a mask. Apply it and get awesome results. These are all the best doctor Bilqees beauty tips in Urdu for you.

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