Information on likoria causes and prevention in Urdu

Likoria is a condition that affects the vaginal reason in women; the other name of likoria is ‘whites’. This is because the liquid that is discharged is white in color. Likoria is not a thing to worry unless it is white or a slight yellow, but turning it red into color is something that you should worry about and consult the doctor as soon as you can. The causes of likoria and how to avoid it is here for you. There are many cause of likoria like fungal infections, unhygienic toilet habits and cervical problems etc. besides this stress and tension can also cause it. The most common reason is unhygienic conditions, especially during days of the menstrual cycle. Information on likoria causes and prevention in Urdu is here for you:

likoria causes and prevention in Urdu

Bananas to cure likoria:

Treatment of likoria naturally is here for you through the best home remedies. Do you want to prevent yourself from these bad diseases, then consume loads of bananas. For the treatment of likoria, bananas are the best; they are good for the digestive disturbances as well. Take one or you can also take two overripe bananas daily, mixing it with the banana flower juice is another great option.

Fig for likoria prevention:

Treatment of likoria naturally

Looking for likoria causes and prevention in Urdu then try these remedies. Figs are another great thing that you can consume to prevent likoria and that’s because figs inside them have powerful laxative effects which is best in removing harmful toxins and waste from the body. Figs helps in reducing likoria instantly, for taking it all you have to do is take two or three dried figs and soak it in water. Wait and the next day blend these figs in the soaked water and drink it empty stomach. One must know that what causes likoria and treatment so that you can prevent yourself from having it. If you have likoria, then try this remedy to have an instant cure.

Cranberry to prevent likoria:

Cranberries are another best thing that you can take, that’s because Cranberries contain antibiotic, antifungal and antioxidant properties. These best properties help in preventing bacteria and fighting against the problem of likoria. All you have to do is drink one glass of unsweetened cranberry juice on a daily basis, two or three times a day. These are all the likoria causes and prevention in Urdu through the best home remedies.

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