Chehre ke nishan kaise mitaye in urdu | Remove marks on face

Bohat is khawateen k chehray per nishanaat hotay hain aur ye khawateen pareshan hotin hain k chehray k nishan kese mitaen, inhen English parhny me dikat hoti hay islie ye artile khas apklie hay k chehre ke nishan kaise mitaye in Urdu. Nishaanat khoosurat chehray ko bigar skty hen, chehray per nishan mitanay kay tamam asaan hall ye hain:

chehre ke nishan kaise mitaye in Urdu

Rogan e badam se nishan khatam karen:

Chehre ke nishan khatam karne k totkay ye hain. Baz okat chehray par nikalny walay danon k nishan hmry chehron per reh jaty hain, ye nishan intehaayi badsorat dekhai detay hain. In nishant se nijaat klie rogan e badam or rogan e zaitoon bohat muffed cheez hay, in dono k ham wazan milaa kr chehray par inki massage kren, sb nishan khatam hojaengy. Chehre ke nishan kaise mitaye in urdu ka hay ye behtareen totka apklie.

Almond oil for marks removal:

Sometimes pimples leaves a mark on the face, these marks look quite ugly. To fight with these marks and killing them almond oil and olive oil is the best. Take both in same amount, make a mixture and apply on the face, this mixture works like wonders on the marks.

Doodh aur Jaifal se nishan hatain:

Chehre ke nishan khatam karne k totkay

Chehray par nishan hona koi bari baat nai hay, inka behtareen hal hay doodh aur jaifal. Ek chamach jaifal lain aur isko pees kr ek chamch doodh me mix krlain. Is laip ko nishanon par lagaen ek hafta aur jaddo dekhain. Chehre ke nishan mitaye asani se in remdies k sath.

Milk and Nutmeg for removing marks:

It is not a big deal if you have marks or scars on the face because milk and nutmeg and can treat them. Take 1 tsp nutmeg grind it and add 1 tsp milk in it. Mix well and apply this mixture on the face, you will see magic within a week.

Limoo ka rass aur glycerine se nishan mitayen:

Chehre ke nishan khatam karne ka tareeka

Chehre ke nishan khatam karne ka tareeka hay limo ka ras. Limo se behtar jild klie doosri koi chez nai hay, limo ka ras lain 2 chamach aur 1 chamach glycerine main mila lain, mix kren isko din me do baar mu par laagaen. Koch he dino me sb nishan ghayab hojaengy. Ye sab remedies istemal kren aur Janie chehre ke nishan kaise mitaye in urdu.

Lemon and Glycerine for treating marks:

Lemon is best for the skin, there is nothing better than lemon for the skin. Take 2 tsp lemon and add  tsp glycerine in it, mix well and apply it in the face two times in a day. You will see all the marks fading within a week.

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