Face ke baal khatam karna | Remove face hair at home

Chehray par baal auraat ki khoobsurati ko maand kr skty hen, ye sach hay k sabhe khawateen k chehray par baal hotay hain kuch k kaam aur kuch k zada hotay hain. Khoobsurat dekhai dene k lie balon se saaf chehra hona zroori hay, daagh dhaby aur baal kaa khatam krny klie gharelu nushkay bahtaren hain. Ye hain tamam behtaareen tareekay, agr ap chahty hain face ke baal khatam karna tou apnaain inhen:

face ke baal khatam karna

Mayeda aur phatkari se baal khatam karain:

Maida, Phatkari aur Arq e Gulab chehraay k baalon klie behtaaren hain. Face k baal khatam krna itna be mushkil nai, jtna khawaten smjhtin hain, face ke baal khatam karne ka tareeka ye hay issk rozana istemal se mu k tamam baal jhar jaeengy. Ek chamach mayeda, arq e gulab aur phatkari lein, isko mix kren achi trhaa aur laip bnaa lein. Is laip ko chehray par laga kr khushak krlen. Khushak hony par isko jhaar k utaren, aur is nuskhaay ko ek mahenay tak istemal kren.

face ke baal khatam karne ka tareeka

Wheat flour and alum for removing hair:

Wheat flour, alum and rose water are best for cleaning the hair from the face. Take 1 tsp of wheat flour, add rose water and alum in it, add them well and make a paste. Apply this paste and wait for it to become to dry, when it dries then rub it off, keep doing this remedy for a month and get the best results that you want.

Shahaid aur Khobani se baal hatain:

Shahaid Allah ki ek naimaat aur Khobani ek mazeedar phaal hay,shahaid aur Khobani dono ka face pack chehray sey baal  face ke baal khatam karnay klie dono he behtaren hain. Ek khobai lain isko pees lain aur shahaid me mix krk face par laga len. Sookhny par jhar dain. face ke baal khatam karain shahaid aur khobani se.

Honey and Apricot for hair removal:

Honey is the blessing of God and apricot is a delicious fruit, make a face pack with the combination of both and it would the best thing that you can ever use on face for cleaning the face hair. Grind the pulp of apricot and add honey in it, wait for it to dry and then rub it off.

Baisan se baal asani se khatam karen:

face ke baal kase khatam karain

Bohat si khawateen ye janna chahti hain k wo face ke baal kase khatam karain, face k baal khatam krna mushkil hay magr na mumkin nai. Chehray k baalon klie do chamach baisaan lain aur isko pani mila kr paste bna lain, is paste ko mu par lagaen aur sookh janay pe jhaar dain. Kya ap nai chahten face ke baal khatam karna, sbhe khawaten ka khawab hota hay balon se saaf chehraa, to apnaen ye remedy aur apna chehra balon se saaf Karen.

Gram flour for removing face hair:

It is a bit hard to clean the hair of face but not impossible, take 2 tsp gram flour, add water and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on the face and when it becomes dry rub it off with hands.

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