Chaiyan khatam karne ka tarika | Natural freckles treatment

Har aurat ka khawaab hota hay k wo khoobsurat aur dilkash dekhai de, lekin chehry k daag danay or nishan ye na mumkin bna detey hain. Bohat ki khawaten ko chehray par chaioon ki skiyaat hoti hay, chaiyaan khoobsurat dikhny me eke hem rukawat hay magar inka haal creams hargiz nai hay. Home remedies chahion ka kuch he arsay me mukamal khatma krk apko khoobusrat jild de saktin hain. behtareen chaiyan khatam karne ka tarika ye hay:

chaiyan khatam karne ka tarika

Kachay doodh chaiyan khatam karen:

chaiyan khatam kase karain

Janna chahty hen k chaiyan khatam kase karain, apnain ye nuskha. Chaiyaan aur chehray k daagh dhaabon klie kacha doodh ek behtareen cheez hay, 3 chamch khachaa doodh lein aur is me 4 qatraay limoo k dal lain, isko mix kren achi tarahaa aur mu per lagaen. Raat bhar issey chehray pr laga rehne dain aur sbha mu do lain. Chaiyan khatam karne ka tarika ye hai, try kren isse aur pain behtareen results.

Unboiled milk for treating freckles:

For freckles and acne scars on the face, unboiled milk is the best so take 3 tsp of it and add 4 drops lemon juice in it. Mix well and apply on the face. Keep it applied overnight and then wash in the morning the next day.

Saib aur Limoo se chaiyon ka ilaj:

Chaiyan khatam karain asani se

Chaiyan khatam karain asani se is behtareen remedy k zaraye. Ye sab cheezain be chaiyoon klie behtareen hain, kuch saib lain inko pess lain phr isme haldi, limoo ka ras aur gulab ka arq mila lain. In tammam cheezon ka mixture bna kr, isko har roz raat ko gaalon par laga lain aur 10 minute k baad dho dalain, tamam nishan kuch he din me ghayab hojaengy.

Apple and lemon for freckles treatment:

All these things are best for freckles, take some apples grind them and add turmeric in it, add lemon juice and rose water as well. Mix all the ingredients well, apply it on the cheeks on a daily basis, wait for 10 minutes and then wash off, all your scars will fade off.

Saunf se chaiyan khatam karain:

Chaiyan khatam karne ka asaan tareeka

Chaiyan khatam karne ka asaan tareeka hay ye, isse apnain aur fawaid dekhain. Soonf to har cheez ka he bahtareen ilaj hay, thori si saunf lain aur isko raat bhar pani me bigho k rkhden, subha isme shaheed mila lain aur isko gallon pe laga lain, ek maheena istemal kren kam se kam. Apnain ye chaiyan khatam karne ka tarika behtareen results klie.

Fennel to get rid of freckles:

Fennel is the best solution to every single thing, take some fennel seeds and dip them in water overnight, the next day add honey in it and apply on the face, use it for at least one month for best results.

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