Full body whitening tips in Urdu for enhancing beauty

It is a myth that only white body is beautiful and it’s not true actually. Everyone should keep it in mind most of the females and even men using whitening injections and cream that goes all wrong in the end. Here are many natural remedies through which you can do body whitening and the best thing is that these remedies have no side effects. Here is all the best full body whitening tips in Urdu for you:

full body whitening tips in Urdu

Coconut & rose facial for body whitening:

home remedies for full body whitening

Looking for home remedies for full body whitening, check this out and try this method.

All of us are already aware with the fact that how good rose water for the skin is, so combine it with coconut oil as it is also best for the skin. Mix rose water and coconut oil in equal quantity and make a spray out of this mixture, put it in a spray bottle and then spray it on the face and body on a regular basis to have the perfect skin. Tricks for body whitening at home are here for you.

Orange & turmeric for body fairness:

Tricks for body whitening at home

Orange and turmeric also works as magic on the skin, so take two tablespoons of orange juice and add a pinch of powdered turmeric in it. Mix well and make a paste, then apply this paste on your face on a daily basis before going to bed. If you want, then you can also apply it on your hands and legs, after applying wait for 20 to 30 minutes and wash off. Looking for full body whitening tips in Urdu, try these natural remedies.

Orange & yogurt for body fair complexion:

Natural ways of full body whitening are here for you. Grind dried orange peels and make a powder out of it then mix one tablespoon of plain yogurt in it and make a paste. Apply the paste wait for 15 to 20 minutes, when done Rinse it off with water. These are all the best full body whitening tips in Urdu for you.

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