How to apply lipstick on dark lips in Urdu

If you are from Africa or Asia, then the chance of having dark lips are quite much. People from these regions usually have dark lips by birth, but not only these people, but individuals from all over the world can have dark lips. Sometimes lips are dark naturally, but other times they have been made this way through taking too much coffee, caffeine or smoking etc. when the lips are dark, it can make the whole appearance of the person ugly. To apply the lipstick nicely, you must have nice lips so that the lip color can complement the appearance. For individuals who have dark lips, pink, red, burgundy or dark colors like brown are the best, but when it comes to nude colors they look bad then. Here are the best tips for how to apply lipstick on dark lips in Urdu:

how to apply lipstick on dark lips

Wipe off the extra shades:

Method to apply lipstick on dark lips is here for you, get assistance to look attractive. If you have dark lips, then you should never apply a lot of lip colors at once as they will make the lips appear darker. Before you start applying the lip color that you want to go for, remove all the lip colors that you have tried earlier.

Take a tissue between the two lips and press the lips, after that take a bit of Vaseline and rub off the lips with a tissue. Apply lipstick on dark lips with ease through all these remedies.

Tips to apply lipstick on dark lips

Conceal the Lips:

After rubbing off the lipstick that you have applied earlier, now it’s the turn to conceal the lips. Take the concealor and apply three dots on the upper lip and two on the lower and spread it that’s all. Looking for ideas that how to apply lipstick on dark lips, then try these tips.

Use Liner and layer the lipstick:

After concealing the lips with the concealor, take the lip pencil of the color that you want to apply and make the outline of the lips with it. Make it as exact as your lips are, then take the lipstick and apply it; when done then press the lips towards each other and mix.

After that apply another coat of the lip color on the lips, so that it can look exactly same as the color of the lipstick after being applied on the lips. Tips to apply lipstick on dark lips are all these, give them a try.

Apply lip gloss:

Applying lip gloss is the last thing, but it is not necessary to apply it. You can apply it if you want as it makes the color more thick, but if you are not a fond of glossy lips than you can avoid it. You can use matte one as well, but it’s optional. Choose the same color lip gloss as the lipstick that you have used. These are the tips that can help you best regarding how to apply lipstick on dark lips.

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