Effective likoria disease treatment in Urdu

In the present time, most of the women have likoria. Likoria is the most common problem that girls in the teen ages face; Likoria is a thin or thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. This discharge occurs usually occurs some days before the menses or after them as well. Likoria usually lasts from a few days to weeks; it is not an alarming thing until it does not cause you itching or irritation. Likoria can also be caused by the hormonal changes in the body, besides this it has many other reasons as well, but taking medicines for it is not a safe thing. Here is the best likoria disease treatment in Urdu:

likoria disease treatment in Urdu

Fenugreek Seeds for treating likoria:

Home remedies to treat likoria are here for you. Fenugreek seeds are best to treat likoria, it is best because it helps in improving the pH level in the vagina. Besides this, it is also believed to affect estrogen levels. So take fenugreek and soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water, leave it overnight. Strain it the next day and drink it empty stomach. Treat likoria naturally with these best remedies.

Indian Gooseberry to get rid of Likoria:

Home remedies to treat likoria

The other name of the Indian gooseberry is amla, amla is the best for the treatment of likoria as inside it, Amla has anti-infection properties that is great for the vaginal health. Mix one or two teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder in honey and make a thick paste. Take this mixture on a daily basis for some weeks or keep taking it until you don’t get the desired results. You can also add it in water and make a drink, if you find taking the mixture hard. Looking for the best tips for likoria disease treatment in Urdu, try this remedy.

Banana for the likoria cure:

How to treat likoria at home with remedies is mentioned here. When it comes to likoria, bananas are also a great solution for you to try, although banana is the solution of a lot of problems but for the treatment of likoria it is a perfect solution. To control likoria, all you have to do is take one to two overripe bananas on a daily basis. Keep doing this remedy until you don’t start feeling any positive changes in the amount of likoria. These are all the best tips for likoria disease treatment in Urdu.

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