Simple party makeup at home in Urdu

When it comes to any party or event, we all go for picking up a gorgeous dress. But choosing a dress might not be a hard task, the hard task is how you would manage the makeup because if you don’t do the makeup perfectly, the grace of the dress can never be shown. A stunning makeup can provide grace to the dress, even if it’s not that pretty. When it comes to makeup, it should be pretty as well as simple so that you can look classy. Here are some tips for the best and simple party makeup at home:

simple party makeup at home

Apply foundation:

How to do simple party makeup

No matter what kind of makeup it is, the first thing that you have to do is apply the foundation. Before applying foundation, make sure that you have cleansed the face, applied the primer and then apply the foundation. While applying the foundation, make sure that you cover the whole face and the neck. If your foundation would not be perfect, you can never look flawless and beautiful. If you have spots on the face and you have applied concealer to it, make sure that while applying foundation you pay attention to such spots. Use a color that is two tones lighter than the shade of the skin, use a sponge to apply it and that’s all. How to do simple party makeup is no harder, try these simple steps.

Cover the foundation with powder:

When applying the foundation is done then add a powder covering on your face. It is for those individuals, especially who don’t like to have shine on their face that is left by the makeup.  Use a pad to dab the powder on the skin. Looking for simple party makeup at home try this.

Decorate your eyes:

Easy way to do simple party makeup

When you have applied the foundation and the face powder, now it is your turn to decorate your eyes. In decorating your eyes, you have to apply liner on the eyes along with eye shadow and mascara. Eyeliner is a fantastic item as it can help you to draw attention to your eyes and it can enhance the eyes as well. Eyeliner can make your eyes bigger as well as smaller. You can choose the eye shadows that go with the color of your dress and then be sure to apply eyeliner after your eye shadow. Easy way to do simple party makeup is here for you.

When you are done with the eyeliner and the eye shadows, then it comes to the mascara. Apply mascara to the eyelashes; you can apply it on both the upper and lower lids as well. You can use colored mascara as well and if you are a fond of the thick lashes than keep applying the coats over and over until you don’t get enough thick lashes.

Blush the cheeks:

Party makeup at home step by step

Blush on is also an important part of the makeup, but while applying it, make sure that it looks natural. The blush on should not look too much dark, it should be light enough to give a natural look. Use it to highlight the cheekbones, choose the color that goes good with your complexion. Party makeup at home step by step is here for you.

Don’t forget the Lips:

Most of the people don’t know that the lipstick is just like icing on the cake, it is important to choose the best color when it comes to the lipstick. Consider the timing of the function as well, because the shades of the lipstick for different times are different. These are all the best tips for simple party makeup at home.

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