How to apply makeup for beginners dark skin in Urdu

People love to have fair skin, but most of the people don’t have. Fair skin is pretty, that’s just a myth. I have seen a lot of pretty girls with dark skin shades; dark skin can never look bad if you have good features. A lot of girls with dark skin, finding the right makeup which can look good on them difficult. When it comes to choosing the best makeup for you, then the most important thing that you must choose carefully is the foundation. Here are the best tips that how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin:

how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin

Check your skin type:

When it comes to the foundation shade, the most important thing is the skin shade and the skin tone. Some people have warm skin tone while some have cool skin tone, check your skin type as while standing in the sun you can check it and then choose the color of the foundation. Dark skin makeup application tips are these, try them.

Find the perfect color of foundation:

How to apply makeup on dark skin is here for you. Finding the perfect shade for the dark skin color girls are quite hard, it is hard because a lot of girls are naturally two toned and have a complex color. The best way through which you can check that which color would go best for you is to try different shades together and check which one goes the best. These are all best tips for how to apply makeup for beginners dark skin.

Moisturize and start applying makeup:

Tricks to apply makeup on dark skin

When it come to applying the foundation, always make sure that you start with a clean and a moisturized face. Every time before you apply foundation, you need to wash your face so that the makeup can provide you with a best look that you need. If you have an oily skin, then applying a primer is a must. Tricks to apply makeup on dark skin are here for you.

Dark colored eye shadow:

Dark skin makeup application tips

When it comes to choosing the eye shadow color for dark skin, one must go for bright and bold colors as they look more appealing. Dark colors on the eyes look amazing on the individuals with dark skin; the best colors that you can go for are bright colors such as bright jewel tones like blue, emerald or purple etc.

Wear bright lip colors:

Dark skin is not a bad skin; it can look best if you have the right selection of colors for makeup for you. Bright colors in the lipstick look exceptionally well on girls with dark skin, so if you dark skin, then go for red, orange, and deep purple. Try these colors as all of these colors are great choices for your lips. To look the best, make sure the color matches your skin’s undertones when it comes to the lipstick as well. As if you have yellow undertones, then you must stick to warm colors like oranges or chocolate brown but if you have pink undertones; then use cool colors like purple etc. How to apply makeup for beginners dark skin tips are here for you.

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