Information on early pregnancy care tips in Urdu

If you are going to be a mother then congratulations, it’s a happy feeling and a time of blessing for you. Being a mother is something that cannot be described in words, but becoming a mother is not easy as through your pregnancy you have to go through a lot. When you hold the baby in hand, you thought that it’s all worth it. During the nine months, people feel a lot of pains and changes, but don’t worry, everything has a solution as well. If you are pregnant, you will have acne; your skin will become rough, but worry not as early pregnancy care tips in Urdu are here for you:

early pregnancy care tips in Urdu

Skin care during pregnancy:

Tips for early pregnancy care

When pregnant, most of the individuals complain that their skin is not like it was before. If you are also one of these people, then grind an almond with a few stems of saffron. After grinding them well, mix both in milk and apply it on the skin, especially on the areas that need attention. Let it mixture get dry and then wash the face. Tips for early pregnancy care only for you.

Stretch marks care during pregnancy:

How to take care in early pregnancy

How to take care in early pregnancy is here for you. Not only some, but almost all the women get stretch marks during pregnancy, but that’s not a thing to get worried but because there are many cures for that. All you have to do is take one spoon of sandalwood powder and add the dried rose powder in it. Mix it with half spoon of Aloe Vera powder, some drops of almond oil and papaya powder. Then add two drops of lavender oil and some milk. Mix well and apply on areas that are affected.

Skin pigmentation during pregnancy:

Tips and tricks for early pregnancy care

Skin pigmentation during pregnancy is also a common thing, to get rid of the patches on the skin; all you have to do is apply a pulp of fresh Aloe Vera on your face. These are early pregnancy care tips in Urdu, give them a try.

Dark circles during pregnancy:

Dark circles during pregnancy

Tips and tricks for early pregnancy care, try them. Are you pregnant and you have got a lot of dark circles on the eyes? Then this remedy is the best for you, all you have to do is soothe your eyes by dipping two cotton balls in cold milk. Place these dipped cotton on the eyes, aloe Vera and rose water can do the same task as well.

Acne problems cure during pregnancy:

In pregnancy, women go through a lot and that’s when they feel they are losing the charm of beauty in their life. Women usually got a lot of acne when they are pregnant, to treat this there are many medicines but in pregnancy they are harmful to be used. So go for remedies, take turmeric powder and add water in it. Apply it over all the face and let it dry, then rub it off using cold water, your acne will disappear within some days. These are all the best early pregnancy care tips in Urdu for you.

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