Guidance on newborn baby care in summer in Urdu

The skin of babies is soft and delicate; nothing can be softer in the world than the skin of a baby. As the skin of babies is delicate, most of the newborn got diaper rash in the summer reason. When it comes to the newborn babies, we cannot go for medicines or chemically made products as they can harm their soft skin, going for remedies can be the best option. Home remedies never harms the baby skin, instead make it softer and smoother. Here are some tips for newborn baby care in summer in Urdu:

newborn baby care in summer in Urdu

Coconut oil for baby skin care:

Newborn baby care at home

Newborn baby care at home can be done now with coconut oil, so try this remedy. The best natural diaper rash cream is unrefined coconut oil. Do you know that a coconut oil has all the best inside it, it has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which are best for the baby’s skin. Coconut oil does not protect the skin from diaper rash, but it makes the skin smooth and silky as well. Take a bit of coconut oil and apply it on the skin of the baby before applying the diaper every time.

Apple cider Vinegar for baby skin:

Newborn baby care in summer tips

Here are tips for you for newborn baby care in summer in Urdu. The best ingredient from the kitchen that can heal the baby diaper rash is apple cider vinegar. All you have to do for using the apple cider vinegar is to take about a teaspoon of ACV and add it in half cup of water. Mix it well and then dip a washcloth in the mixture, pat this cloth lightly on the affected area.  It is best to be used because apple cider vinegar also has anti-bacterial qualities. Newborn baby care in summer tips are these, try them.

Oatmeal for newborn baby care:

Newborn baby care in summer home remedies

Newborn baby care in summer home remedies are here for you. Oatmeal is also best for healing the rashes that a diaper can make on the baby skin. Oatmeal has a high amount of protein in it which soothes the skin of the baby. For using oatmeal, all you have to do is add one tablespoon of dried oatmeal to the bath water of the baby. After this, let your baby soak in the water for some time. Repeat this remedy two times in a day. These are all the best tips for newborn baby care in summer in Urdu for you.

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