Health tips in Urdu for pregnancy and healthy baby

Giving birth is not a piece of cake, during the time period of pregnancy; your every decision will impact the children. Your physical and emotional well-being is quite important for the good health of the children that is growing inside you. When you are pregnant, it’s the time, when you need to take care of yourself. Read good books, play games that interest you because all what you do is affecting the child. So, here are health tips in Urdu for pregnancy.

Avoid things that are not good for you as they harm the child as well. Rather than the guidance of the best doctors, you need to have the best diet and take care of yourself as much as you can. Do all the best you can for your baby, because what is best for the baby is also the best for you. Take good care of yourself, enjoy and invest in things that can benefit you.

health tips in Urdu for pregnancy

Eat smart while pregnant:

health tips for pregnancy

During the time period when you are pregnant, what and when you eat can go a long way. When you are pregnant rather than going for too heavy meals and snacks, go for easy to digest foods and nutrient-rich options. When it comes to these foods, you can take a glass of warm milk, a cup of yogurt or something like this which can benefit your health.  Apart from this, one should also try to avoid spicy, high-fat or salty food.

Stay hydrated when pregnant:

Home remedies for health in pregnancy

Staying hydrated or you can say keeping your body hydrated is the most important thing to do when you are pregnant, keep drinking water all the day. For keeping the body hydrated, you can also go for other things than water like ginger tea or juices etc. This one of the best health tips for pregnancy.

Vitamin B6 for healthy baby:

Consume foods with Vitamin B6

Eat all the things with vitamin B6 because they are best for your health and the health of your baby as well. Things which contain vitamin B6 are meat, egg, banana and avocado etc. eating fruits and vegetables can make the health of your baby good, so until the delivery time stick to such foods. If you were looking for the best health tips in Urdu for pregnancy, try this.

 Stress releasing foods during pregnancy:

Home remedies for health in pregnancy are here, check them out. Green leafy vegetables are known best for releasing stress, consuming them during pregnancy to keep the stress levels low are the best thing that one can do. Go for all the fruits and vegetables that are good for reducing the stress levels because stress can affect the health of your baby. Some other tips are:

  • Do exercise regularly
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest
  • Stop smoking
  • Don’t take the stress
  • Don’t pull heavy loads

These are all the best health tips in Urdu for pregnancy for you.

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