How to lose weight in 5 days in Urdu safe and fast

Losing weight is not as easy as a person thinks, gaining weight is the easiest task of the world and losing it is the most difficult task for which a person has to keep an eye on the intake of food as well as manage time to exercise for burning fats. But nothing is impossible and a person can get the desired results with the constant effort, so here is how to lose weight in 5 days in Urdu.

how to lose weight in 5 days in Urdu

lose weight in 5 days

On day 1:

You have to take oatmeal with fresh fruit for the breakfast and you can consume tea or coffee without sugar. If a person feels he/she can’t drink without sugar, then a sugar substitute is a good option.

For the lunch, you can take a bowl of vegetables with a little bit of vinegar added in it. White bean soup is good for health and it needs to be taken for weight loss in this diet plan in the lunch.

You can take a small bowl of fresh herbs with a piece of salmon and baked potato for the dinner with which you can lose weight in 5 days.

On day 2:

For the breakfast, you have to take omelet of egg whites; so don’t add yolk in it. Tea without sugar needs to be consumed and if you feel your stomach is still empty, then you can eat fresh blueberries.

For the lunch, turkey sandwich serves well in this method of how to lose weight in 5 days in Urdu and don’t forget to add fresh vegetables in it.

You have to take steamed vegetables in the dinner and vegetable burger prepared with the wheat bun.

weight loss in 5 days

On day 3:

Prepare whole-grain cereal with a glass of milk and consume it hot in breakfast, you can take a cup of tea if you want something to fill up your tummy.

For the lunch, you have to eat 1 ear of corn and fresh vegetables; you can eat a fruit if you feel you are still hungry.

For the dinner, you can take a piece of chicken or a bowl of brown rice with vegetable and bean salad.

On day 4:

For the breakfast, you have to eat toasted whole-grain bagel with one fresh fruit and you can consume a cup of tea without sugar.

For the lunch, you can prepare a tuna fish sandwich and eat it with a small bowl of vegetable plus fruit salad.

In the dinner for losing weight in 5 days, you can take curried quinoa dish with vegetable salad.

On day 5:

On the last day of the diet plan, you have to start your day with the breakfast of oatmeal and a cup of tea without sugar added.

For the lunch, you can take tomato cream soup or butter beans.

For the dinner, you need to eat a piece of salmon and with a bowl of vegetable salad.

losing weight in 5 days

So, here is how to lose weight in 5 days in Urdu and everyone knows no any diet plan is easy to follow. But following a diet plan strictly for some days can help in solving the weight gain issue that every other person is facing in this modern era because people don’t get time for themselves; they ignore to take care of their body and health. Due to sitting the whole day, the fat start accumulating in different parts of the body and then it becomes hard to burn the fats. Managing some time for exercise and following a diet plan can work in reducing the weight, the diet plan mentioned above I alone enough for losing weight fast.

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