Effective weak eyesight home remedies in Urdu

Now a days a lot of the individuals all over the globe are suffering different eye diseases and vision defects, these individuals are forced to use contact lenses and glasses whether they want it or not. There are many ways through which one can correct the eye vision like wearing corrective lenses or eye surgery etc but the best one that you can do is remedies because they have no side effects. Here are all the best weak eyesight home remedies in Urdu:

weak eyesight home remedies in Urdu

Exercise to improve eyesight:

improve eyesight with home remedies

Exercising is the best way to improve the eyesight; all you have to do is rotate your eyeballs. Start the rotation from right first and then left, then upwards and downwards. For two to three times, you have to do this in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. These are all the best weak eyesight home remedies in Urdu.

Carrot for treatment of weak eyes:

home remedies for improving eyesight

One of the most effective and the easiest thing that you can do for the treatment of weak eyes is consuming carrot on a daily basis. Carrot is enriched with nutrients and vitamins; inside it carrot contains a lot of iron, phosphorous, vitamin A and calcium as well.

Eating carrot is good for the overall health; you can eat raw carrots as a salad. Besides this you can drink carrot juice also for effective results. Here are some home remedies for improving eyesight.

Gooseberry for best view:

Now you can improve eyesight with home remedies through this. Gooseberry is a herb that is also known as Amla, it is the most effective herb for the treatment of the eye disorders. Gooseberry is enriched with vitamin C, you can consume gooseberry in any form like powder and capsule etc.

Gooseberry juice is also very effective, especially when added honey in it, Gooseberry is good for a lot of things. Gooseberry is the best tonic for staying healthy and improving your eyesight fast, gooseberry is the best thing. Looking for weak eyesight home remedies in Urdu then try this.

Bilberry for perfect eyesight:

improve eyesight at home
Bilberry is a herb, it is an excellent antioxidant which helps to stimulate blood flow in the body. It is best for improving the eye vision; the individuals who have weak eyes should go for it.

This is the best thing for the individuals who have night blindness and weak eyesight; all you have to do is eat fresh bilberries every day on a daily basis. With these best tricks now you can improve eyesight at home.


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