Oily skin ko kaise dur kare | Oily skin natural treatment

Alag alag skin types ki alag alag problems hoti hain, dry skin ki apni problems hotin hain aur oily skin apni. Jin logon ki skin oily hoti hay wo hamesha dull aur dark dekhai detey hain, isk ilwa in logon ko behad pimples, acne aur dark circles ki pareshani rehti hay. Bazaar mein oily skin se bachny klie bohat si ashaya majood hain lekin ye ashya skin ko damage krdetin hain aur ink asrat such saal baad dekhai detey hain. Ye hain kuch mufeed tareeqay k oily skin ko kaise dur kare gharelu ashya k tehat:

oily skin ko kaise dur kare

Neem k Patay oily skin klie: (Neem leaves)

oily skin dur karne k tareekay

Oily skin klie teem k patay behtereen hain, neem k patay baa asani market se mil jatay hain. 4 neem k patay lein, un mei gulab ka arq ya lemon ka ras dalain aur mixture bana lain. Mu par laga k 10 minute intezar kren aur neem garam pani se mu dho lain. Ye hain oily skin dur karne k tareekay ap k lie.

Neem leaves is best for oily skin, it is easily available in the market. Take 4 neem leaves and add lemon juice or rose water in it to make a mixture. Apply on the face, wait 10 mins and then wash off.

Oily skin klie shahed ka istemal: (Honey face pack)

oily skin asani se dur karen

Kya ap pareshan hain k oily skin ko kaise dur kare, apnain ye tareeka. Shahed kafi gharelu totkon me istemal kia jata hay, oil ko hatany k ilwa ye glow klie be behtareen cheez hai. Shahed ko mu par lagayen, chahyen to ism eek lemon ka ras be dal lain. 10 minutes isko khushak hony dein aur phr mu dho lein. Roz istemal kren. Ab oily skin asani se dur karen.

Honey is used in a lot of home remedies, it is not only best for oily skin but also for glow on the skin as well. Apply honey on face, you can add lemon to it as well. After applying, wait 10 minutes, then wash off.

Sangtray k istemal se oily skin dur karen: (Orange Face Pack)

oily skin dur karne k totkay

Sangtra sehat aur skin dono klie behad muffed hay, ek sangtra lain aur iskay chilkay ko grind krk mu par lagain. Khushk hony ka intezar kren aur massage krk usko utrain phr mu dho lain. Ye hain chand behtareen oily skin dur karne k totkay.

Orange is good for health and it is best for the skin as well, take an orange and the peel of its cover. Grind it and apply on the face, let it dry and then wash off.

Ye tamam tareeqay hain ap klie k oily skin ko kaise dur kare.

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