Eye weakness treatment in Urdu with home remedies

We often have heard that your eyes are the windows to the world around you, without this window one cannot see the world clearly. All of us can imagine, what happens when the picture becomes blurry or even a bit unclear? The clear vision is very important as it provides up to 80 percent of your total sensory input.

Not all of us have eyes that can see 100% as in the modern age, there are many factors that can affect the eyes like watching the television, using smart phones constantly, diseases, injuries genetics and many more. There are many things that you can do at home to cure the lost vision like home remedies so here are some good remedies for eye weakness treatment in Urdu.

eye weakness treatment in Urdu

Clarified Butter (Ghee) for eye weakness:

Ghee is good for the health and it is quite good for the eyes as well, as it helps in the functioning of the eyelids and extra ocular muscles etc.  External and internal use of Ghee is the best treatment of eye disorders, besides that doctor also recommends the individuals with weak eyes to put one drop of lukewarm liquid ghee in each eye before sleeping. It soothes the eyes, and apart from that it helps in improving the vision. Treat eye weakness at home with great home remedies in some days.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) for treating eye weakness:

Indian Gooseberry is used in a lot of home remedies, especially when it comes to the hair treatment, but apart from that Indian gooseberry is best for the eyes and improving the vision as well. Gooseberry is known as the powerhouse of nourishment, as it is loaded with nutrients.

Inside it, a high percentage of Vitamin C is present, which plays a significant role in maintaining retinal cells and also in promoting healthy capillaries. Taking gooseberry on a daily basis can improve the vision in some days, you can take its juice and even muraba in the morning is very helpful. Take it empty stomach and you can also add carrot in Indian gooseberry. Looking for the best eye weakness treatment in Urdu, try this.

Almond and Fennel for eye weakness treatment:

Treat eye weakness at home

Almonds are good for the brain and for eyes while, fennel is good for the overall health of a person. These three things are the best to bring your eyesight back. All you have to do is take 60 almonds, 16 tablespoon fennel seeds and 12 tablespoons sugar, mix all the ingredients and grind them together. Make a powder and consume it on a daily basis with a glass of milk, you will get to see the best results within a week.

Bilberry for eye weakness treatment:

Home remedies for eye weakness

Bilberry is an excellent antioxidant and is good enough to stimulate blood flow, it works great in strengthening the blood vessels, if you have a poor vision; then this is the best remedy as all you do is eat fresh bilberries every day on a regular basis till your eyes has recovered. Home remedies for eye weakness to cure from eye blurring.

 Carrot for improving vision:

remedies for weak eyes treatment naturally

This also includes all the best remedies for weak eyes treatment naturally. Eating carrot is one of the most effective home remedy for all those individuals who have weak eyesight. Carrot is enriched with nutrients and vitamins; which are best for the eyes. All you have to do is eat carrots daily, you can eat raw carrots as salad; or you can drink carrot juice as well. Keep using it until you have not reached the desired results. These are all the amazing remedies for eye weakness treatment in Urdu.

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