How to remove freckles from face in Urdu at home

Most of the individuals confuse between freckles and moles, freckles are flat and brown spots of different sizes that appear on the skin while moles are usually black. Freckles are a common sign of skin damage, the common causes of these are genetics, hormonal imbalance and besides that too much exposure to sunlight is also a main cause.

Freckles can appear anywhere on the body, they can be usually seen on the areas that are often exposed to the sun’s rays. For removing freckles, there are many cosmetic treatments, but these treatments are very expensive. There are more than thousands of the best home remedies for getting rid of freckles, Here are the best tips for how to remove freckles from face in Urdu:

remove freckles from face in Urdu

Sour Cream for removal of freckles:

remove freckles from face home remedies

For getting rid of the freckles in the shortest period of the time, lactic acid is the best thing. Lactic acid is present in sour milk, it is best to be used on the sensitive skin as well. For removing freckles from any part of the body, apply some sour cream on the affected skin. Let this cream dry and then when it becomes dry then instead of rinsing it off with water, gently wipe it off with a soft towel.

Don’t rub too hard, when done, then apply some moisturizer. Repeat this remedy, at least once on a daily basis until the freckles go away. You can also use yogurt, if you don’t have sour cream. Here are all the best remove freckles from face home remedies.

Papaya for removing freckles:

remedies to remove freckles from face

Papaya is the most used ingredient on the skin because of its best properties, Papaya juice is best and very effective for getting rid of freckles. Individuals should know that inside Papaya, it contains papain. Papain is an enzyme that lightens the appearance of the freckles, all you have to do for this remedy is take a papaya and cut it. Then apply fresh papaya juice directly on the skin and massage.

Keep doing it gently, for 10 minutes and then rinse off the skin with cold water. Keep doing this on a regular basis to get of the freckles as soon as you can. Some of the best things that you can try for how to remove freckles from face in Urdu are mentioned below.

Onion to get rid of freckles:

freckles from face removal

Onions works best on freckles and brown spots, for removing such things onion juice is the best and that is because it has sulfur inside it. Sulfur has exfoliative properties which remove freckles,  all you have to do is cut one red onion and rub the slices gently on skin. Continue this remedy until the desired results are achieved. These are all amazing remedies to remove freckles from face.

Fruit Peels for fading freckles away:

Fruit Peels for fading freckles away

Try this for freckles from face removal. The peels of the fruits is a great solution to solve many skin problems,  blending fruits together can work like magic on the skin. Take peels of different fruits, blend them together and then apply them on your face. Wait for the mask to dry and wash off.

This is the best way to peel off the damaged top layer of the skin and to remove freckles as well.  Another thing that you can do is making a fruit peel by blending together strawberries and kiwi, this also works great on freckles and makes the skin fresh and glowing as well. These are all the best tips for how to remove freckles from face in Urdu.

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