Follow makeup method step by step in Urdu for looking pretty

There are many beginners who apply makeup with the aim to achieve perfection, but most of the times the outcome of applying the makeup comes up as an absolute failure. When it comes to the best makeup, girls usually look up on the blog and wish that they could have the same as the tutorial, but they fail and the reason is that they don’t know the right techniques. For applying the best makeup there are some techniques that every girl should know so that they can do a flawless makeup. Here is the best makeup method step by step in Urdu.

makeup method step by step in Urdu

Step 1: Wash your face

steps of makeup in Urdu

For a flawless makeup, wash your face before you start. Wash it with water and cleanser, or you can also remove the previous makeup by putting makeup remover on a cotton ball. Determine the type of your skin and chose your cleanser accordingly. These are amazing steps of makeup in Urdu for beginners.

Step 2: Moisturize the face

method of makeup step by step

After washing the face, moisturize it. You can use anything like creams or lotions or you can even use herbs as well because they are best for the skin as well. If your skin is oily, then avoid using oily lotions for moisturizing because such products will encourage acne. This is the accurate method of makeup step by step.

Step 3: Conceal your eyes and blemishes

how to do makeup step by step

When it comes to the perfect look, you should go for applying concealer before you apply the foundation because it will keep foundation to the minimal. While applying the concealer, make sure that it is the same color as your skin. Apply it on the exact place where you want to apply, do not make spots everywhere on the face. You just have to cover the spots, do not cover the whole face with a concealer. Looking for the makeup method step by step in Urdu, then check out this article.

Step 4: Apply foundation

how to do makeup step by step

Before you start, always make sure that what kind of skin you have so that you can choose the foundation easily, like whether its oily or dry. Another thing to make sure is that whether the color you are going for is matched with your skin or not. The color of the foundation should be two tones lighter than the color of your skin. Take a sponge and bend your foundation with it, when it is blended enough that it seems same like your skin then you are done. Looking for the tips that how to do makeup step by step.

Step 5: Apply blush on and lipstick

Apply blush on and lipstick

Blush on’s are available in many different shades and all of them look good, you can get them in powder and cream form as well. Creamier form is usually better than the powder ones. When it comes to lipstick, the best shade that one can go for is, nude. You can draw an outline with the same color and then fill in, but if you love the darker shade then you have to apply the darker outside and the lighter inside, the shade should be the same.

Step 6: Eye makeup

When it comes to the eye make up, then it is the easiest thing that one can do, all you have to do is put up the liner first. If you have small eyes, go for thin liner, but if you have bigger eyes already then go for a thick one. You can enhance your eyes beautifully through eye makeup. These are all the best makeup method step by step in Urdu.

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