Best skin care tips in Urdu for oily skin treatment

Facial beauty is the most important thing in the world, especially for the young girls. But when it comes to the summer season, most of the individuals experience excess oil on the face which makes them appear ugly and shiny.  Young people, especially the teenage girls are most concerned about their looks and are very conscious about it, there is nothing in the world that can cure this oil except the best home remedies and tips. Besides the ugly looks, it can provide oily skin is the reason of all the wrinkles and all the pimples on the face so one should avoid it as much as one can. Looking for the best skin care tips in Urdu for oily skin, then check out below:

best skin care tips in Urdu for oily skin

Egg white is the natural oil remover:

oily skin care tips and tricks

These are the best oily skin care tips and tricks for you. The white part of the egg is used in making a lot of things for the face, it is used in a lot of masks. The masks made from the egg white is known for making the skin smooth absorbing oil.

For the best oil clearing mask, all you have to do is mix one teaspoon of honey with an egg white and mix it. For making the paste thick, you can add flour as well. Now apply this mask to your face and wait for ten minutes, then wash it off with warm water. These are all the best skin care tips in Urdu for oily skin.

Use lemon juice to get rid of excess oil:

tips for oily skin care

Do you know that a lemon juice is a natural grease-cutting mask, which is best for whitening of the skin as well.  Lemon has anti astringent properties inside it and when used with other herbs and a chopped apple, it works more excellent than anything else.

Take an apple and place it in a pot, add water and cover it, then simmer until it’s soft. Now mash the apple and add lemon juice, make a mixture and apply this to your face. Wait for 5 minutes, then rinse off. Looking for the tips for oily skin care, here are all the best tips for you.

Here are the best care tips for oily skin:

best care tips for oily skin

When people eat oily food, this oil also appears on the skin and most of the individuals do not know this. This is where we are wrong, we should cut out all the excess oil from the food, avoid junk as much as we can. It is not only bad for health, but a reason for pimples and acne as well.

If you don’t know that to have a best skin what kind of diet you should go for, then you should go for a diet that is enriched with proteins, lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Know what products are good for your skin and what not, eliminate all the artificial products from your life as they can harm your skin. Use a foundation that is made for oily skin, especially in summers. Cleanse your skin regularly and twice in a day.  Here are all the best skin care tips in Urdu for oily skin.

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