Face contouring makeup tips in Urdu for attractive look

Everyone wants to look perfect, but most of the people do not because they don’t know the proper tricks of makeup. For a good look, proper and complete makeup is a must. Complete makeup includes a good contouring that most of the individuals do not do and then complain that makeup do not look good on them. Contouring is the most important part in making the look of the person through makeup, looking for the best face contouring makeup tips in Urdu then check out the article below:

face contouring makeup tips in Urdu

Contouring of the makeup is like chocolate syrup on the cake, as chocolate syrup makes the cake best, contouring make the makeup best. There are many easy tricks through which one can do wonderful contouring, for that one should determine the shape of the face first because for different shapes the techniques are different. Contouring is the use of a matte powder, pencil or cream on the face for making lines with shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone.  Contouring and highlight both are important and both are almost the same thing. Highlighting is for balancing the contouring by accentuating areas of your face with light concealer. Contouring is an easy thing; Everyone must know the best contouring face tips at home. Here is how to start or get started:

Choose the right shade:
contouring face tips at home

The shade of the foundation is usually lighter than the skin shade, but when it comes to contouring than the shade should be two shades darker than your actual skin shade. There are all the best face contouring makeup tips in Urdu. Whether its your foundation or contouring kit, always go for the shades that are easily blendable. Apply foundation on the face and make a base, then do the rest.

Map your face for contouring:

contouring makeup tips and tricks

When you have already applied the foundation that is lighter than your skin tone, now it’s time to use the shades that are two tones darker and then trace the temples. If you have a larger forehead and you don’t like it then you can make it small using the shade, that’s what a good contouring can do. With the right line on the cheeks you can bring out your cheekbone and look marvelous. You can make your nose narrow, broad and small as well. You can get the help for face contouring makeup tips in Urdu from here.

contouring makeup tips and tricks

contouring makeup for nose

Blending is important:

blending for contouring

For a good contouring, blending is quite important. Use a beauty blender and apply it over all the areas where you have used the contour color. Merge the colors with the foundation through the beauty blender. Don’t blend too much that the features become flat, only blend it makes the features sharp. Do you know the best contouring makeup tips and tricks, here are all of them for you.

Important parts to contour:

Most of the people don’t know what parts of the face should be contoured; they make random lines and blend which is wrong. The most important parts which need contouring are the chin, forehead and the bridge of the nose.

Dust it:

dusting after contouring

Done contouring the important parts of the face, now take out the brush and with a fluffy brush, dust the entire face with loose powder. The best thing you can also go for is Translucent; it is great if you have used a cream foundation. These are the best contouring face makeup tricks.

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