How to make makeup base for oily skin in urdu

Oily skin is the root of all the problems and especially when it comes to the summer season. Every woman has the dream to look pretty and outstanding, individuals with oily skin suffer a lot and in case of upcoming events they suffer more. Wearing oily skin makeup base at home is difficult, but it Is not impossible, with a little care and knowing a few things you can make the best base for oily skin in your own home. As dryness harms the look of the face, too much oil can also destroy the look and can make you appear old and ugly, there are many things that you can do to prevent both. The best thing is that you can have the solution in cheap, all you have to do is follow the simple tricks of makeup base for oily skin in urdu:

makeup base for oily skin in urdu

First step: “Cleansing”

Cleansing is the best solution of all your problems, if you have acne, pimples or oil cleansing the face is the best solution and if you cleanse the face with natural ingredients it is even more excellent. Cleansing removes oil from the face, which make the foundation stays on the face for a longer period of the time.

Second step: “Applying Toner”

After cleansing, applying toner can make the face even more fresh and will provide the makeup with a more stunning and amazing look. These are simple things, but can make the look of the foundation marvelous.

Third step: “moisturizer and primer”

When done, then apply the moisturizer on the face so that your skin won’t get dry, it would moist the skin of the face so that the foundation would give a smooth look.

Fourth step: “Conceal blemishes and apply foundation”

After the moisturizing, conceal all the blemishes and acne that you have on the face and then apply foundation that’s it.

Cucumber juice:

oily skin makeup base

To wash off the oil from the face, one should wash the face with cucumber juice on a daily basis. Mix the juice of cucumber in cold water and apply on the face. Let it stay on the face for some minutes and then wash off. This is the best way to control the oil on the  face and the base will stay longer on the face when you have washed it with cucumber juice. We also have the same article makeup base for oily skin in urdu as well.

Blotting paper:

foundation makeup oily skin

When it comes to the makeup, blending is the main thing because if it’s not done well then nothing can go right. Blending is done best when you have no oils on the face, before apply foundation use blotting paper on the face as it removes all the oil and make the face oil free. Blotting paper removes all the oil from the face so that after applying foundation you can get an amazing look. Applying oily skin makeup base is not so easy that’s why using blotting paper before applying foundation is the best thing.

Rose water:

oily skin makeup base

In the summer season rather than washing the face with chemicals, individuals should go for rose water because rather than making the skin oil free it has many other benefits for the skin as well. One should wash the face multiple times with rose water in a day, most of the women complain that foundation does not stay on their face and that’s right when individuals have oily skin, then it’s hard to manage. So all such people should wash their face with rose water as it controls oil on the face and provide the best results. This is the best tip for foundation makeup oily skin.

Powder for oily skin base:

Powder for oily skin base

As we all know that individuals with oily skin suffer a lot and the reason that is that after a specific period of the time their skin eliminates oil. If you have the same problem, then don’t worry because there are a lot of things that you can do to get rid of this oil, like cleansing before the makeup. Cleanse your face well and then apply foundation over the skin, when done, then apply translucent powder or face powder so that the foundation would get locked and the oil would not appear on the foundation. Making the makeup base for oily skin in urdu is easy if all the steps are followed properly.

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