Guidance on best makeup base for dry skin in urdu

Dryness of the skin is a common thing, most of the individuals have dry skin and they do know what the reason is. The reason behind this is that they have fewer pores on the skin, which discharge oil. But this is not a big issue as oily and dry skins both have its own problems, but the good thing is that both have the solutions as well.

Here you can see how you can make best makeup base for dry skin in Urdu.

best makeup base for dry skin in Urdu

Apply primer for makeup base:

Applying primer is important to keep the makeup in its place for many hours, after cleansing and applying the lotion. You need to apply the primer with the help of a sponge or hand. Lotion is necessary for the dry skin to make it soft and to make the dry patches disappear.
dry skin makeup base


Hide blemishes and marks with foundation:

Applying a liquid foundation is a trick that every woman doesn’t know; making a base is not so easy rather it is not so hard. Making a dry skin makeup base from liquid foundation needs some knowledge, some simple tricks and that’s all.

After the primer, you need to apply the foundation and apply around the eyes first. Then apply on the cheeks and use a brush to spread it evenly on the face.

Base for dry skin

Choosing the right shade of foundation (base):

It is important to choose the right shade of the foundation otherwise it will look weird on the face. The foundation color should be 2 tones lighter than the actual skin color.

selection of foundation shade

Most of the individuals think that making a base at home is impossible if your skin is dry and the reason is when they do so; their base gets cracks and the reason of these cracks are dryness. There are many solutions that one can do to prevent your base from getting cracked or lines in it. One of the best solutions is primer, it is recommended for the people with dry skin to use primer before they starts their makeup. Most of the people needs guidance on best makeup base for dry skin in urdu because they found English a bit hard to understand.

Making proper base for dry skin is something that you can do at home as well, you can also add a little bit of lotion in your liquid base to make it creamier, so that your base will look smoother and fine. Applying aloe Vera is another best way to eliminate dandruff and dryness of the skin. When you moisturize the skin on a daily basis, it would eliminate dryness of the skin permanently. Another best way through which you can do this is apply coconut oil before sleeping on the areas where you have dryness, making a base is an easy thing even if you have dryness. All you have to make sure is when you are going to apply the foundation; you have moisturized the skin properly.

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