How to contour your face step by step at home

The beauty secret of a lot of the individuals is contouring, yes, they are not truly beautiful. But it’s the contouring which has made them look that way. The right contouring can make you look like a princess from the red carpet, but the wrong contouring can make you look ugly no matter how pretty features you actually have. When it comes to the perfect makeup, then everything counts, from the contouring to the blackheads on the nose that is why it is quite important to know that how to get rid of blackheads on your nose.

In normal life, individuals usually wear foundations and they think that it’s enough, but it’s not. For a perfect look one must contour the face and for it they must know how to do it in the best way. Contouring is done step by step and the right products are a must to be used, else you can achieve a perfect and a flawless look. Here are all the best tips for how to contour your face step by step:

Step 1: Apply primer

how to contour your face step by step

When it comes to the best contouring that you can do by yourself, the first thing that you have to do is to apply the primer, most of the people usually don’t know that what it is used for but a primer is used to keep the makeup on beautifully all day. No matter what skin type you have whether you have dry cheeks or an oily nose, primers keeps the makeup looks the same by the end of the day. Primer is a blessing for the individuals with oily skin as it keeps the makeup there for a longer period, when it an individual don’t have to worry about your foundation disappearing.

Step 2: Apply foundation

how to contour your face for beginners

After primer, the second thing that you have to do is to apply foundation that matches your skin. Choosing the right shade of foundation is a very important thing, all your look depends on what shade of the foundation you choose, individuals who go for too light or too dark can never look perfect no matter how much finely their makeup is done. A perfect shade of the foundation should have the darkest version of you, plus the lightest version of you as well when you mix both of these you will get the perfect shade. For people who have oily skin, using oil free foundation is a good thing as by the end of the day, their makeup would not disappear. Looking for the answer to how to contour your face step by step then try this.

Step 3: Apply a concealer

how to contour step by step

Concealer is the best thing which makes the skin and the look of the person perfect, apply foundation and then apply concealer on it; you can put it anywhere you want to even out skin. Then, using a darker foundation starts the process of the contouring process. First, focus on making the bridge of my nose slightly thinner and do it within a dark shade, you can use eye shadows for do the contouring as well.  Take a flat synthetic brush and blend the shade with it. When the nose is done, then draw a triangle between your ears to under the cheekbone and contour it. Then blend from there. Sharp features look good, but make sure that you do not do it over sharply. This is the best tip for how to contour your face for beginners.

Step 4: Focus on your brows

Focus on your brows

After contouring of the nose and the cheekbones, the next thing is contouring the eyebrows and making an arch on it. The best part of contouring is that you can your features as you like, but when it comes to the eyebrows; do not make it too thin as they make the individuals look older than then original age. If you are looking for how to contour step by step then try this.

 Step 5: Focus on eyes

Focus on eyes

When it comes to the eye makeup, people should always know that an eye makeup is the most important part of the makeup. For the makeup, take an eye shadow that is matched with your skin tone, apply it and then mix it with some other shades that you love, leaving the lighter color in the center and darker on the edges. Create an almond shade eye because that looks marvelous, if you’re contouring your eyes and want to make them appear bigger, then use dark shades and make a bold shape. Here are some of the important things that one should never neglect:

  • Don’t contour everything, contouring is a technique not something that you can do with all the features. It should be done with sense, applying shades on every feature can make you look like a pastry, Start contouring from the middle of your ear and move toward the corner of your mouth, and shade additional features but that do not mean all your face.
  • Try “invisible” contouring as it can make you look more and more marvelous, stop using darker and darker shades and applying too much this time, Begin with a light application and see may be it can suit you more. You should not stick with a single look; keep trying different products and technique to have a finer look.
  • Avoid products with shimmer and shine as they make the contouring look too shiny, matte products are the best to go with for a good contouring. Shimmer reflects light and most of the people lose the effect they want, with shine, so avoiding it is the best.
  • To balance all the contouring and all what you have done on the face use a blush and highlighter as it makes the face and the features well-rounded and pretty. It is the best tip same as one can add cheery on the cake, this works best for make you look cuter. These are the ways that how to contour your face step by step.

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