How to lose 3kg in a week safely

Losing weight is not an easy task because burning calories require too much effort, but avoiding some eatables can help in shedding the pounds. When a person decides to follow a diet plan to lose weight, it needs to be followed strictly because eating the items which are not allowed according to the diet plan waste the struggle done for getting slim. Some people who are too fat suffers from anxiety because they want to look slim and attractive for which there are some effective home remedies for anxiety treatment without medication.

Getting the help of the pills for losing weight is not a good idea because they leave side effects and affects the human system negatively. No need to consume weight loss pills when there is a diet plan for the individuals who are looking for how to lose 3kg in a week.

Diet plan to lose 3kg in a week:

how to lose 3kg in a week

Before deciding to follow this diet plan, it should be kept in mind that the whole attention is on the lean meat and the raw vegetables because they are the eatables that help in shedding pounds in a short period of time.

1st day:

For the breakfast, 10 to 12 strawberries with a fruit juice works well.

For the lunch, one can take a bowl of vegetable soup with the salad containing carrots and celery.

If the tummy demands something in the afternoon, then it is good to consume a piece of watermelon.

For the dinner, a plate of brown rice with sliced carrots is enough.

2nd day:

For the breakfast, a glass of orange juice or a milk shake without sugar can be consumed.

In the lunch, a bowl of vegetable soup and pineapple with sprinkled salt and a few drops of lemon need to be eaten.

For the dinner, the meal should be taken as the 1st day.

how to lose 2kg in a week

3rd day:

For the breakfast, 1 apple can be consumed after baking.

For the lunch, a bowl of vegetables containing carrot, tomato and beetroot with the olive oil sprayed should be consumed.

If the tummy demands something, then any seasonal fruit can be consumed.

For the dinner, it is the fish meat day, so Tuna needs to be eaten along with the garlic, tomato with lemon juice squeezed.

4rth day:

For the breakfast, a person can opt to consume the meal as for the 1st day or can go for coffee.

For the lunch, seasonal fruits can be consumed.

In the dinner, one bowl of vegetable soup or chicken along with the lettuce and tomato with the lemon squeezed on it needs to be eaten.

5th day:

In the breakfast, a grapefruit needs to be consumed which helps in reducing weight due to which this diet is the best way of how to lose 3kg in a week.

For the lunch, 1 plate of rice with the tomato sauce can be consumed if the person doesn’t want to consume a bowl of vegetable soup with the salad made of lettuce and tomato.

For the dinner, it is a cottage cheese day and a great day for the cheese lovers; so they can consume it with 3 eggplant halves and 1 egg white. The cheese should be not more than 4 tbsp.

This diet plan needs to be followed for reducing weight in a short time span. The meals should be repeated as mentioned above, once the 5 days are completed; start repeating this plan from the first day.

Tips on how to lose 2kg in a week:

how to lose 10kg in 2 months

Protein helps in losing weight, so it is a great idea to add more proteins in the diet and a person should stop eating the meals full of calories. There are a few eatables which are rich in proteins just like eggs and meat, so they should be consumed on a daily basis. The other things rich in proteins include salmon, brown rice and chickpeas.

Eat less and eat more times in a day assist in shedding pounds, eating too much once a person is on the table makes it difficult for the tummy to digest and it works slowly. So, it is better to eat 5 times in a day and eat less to increase the metabolism rate.

Pay attention to drinking too much water, one should drink at least 2 liters of water in a day as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. It is also good for the body to drink fresh juices; they also help in reducing weight. It is a beneficial tip to consume water on an empty stomach because it increases the metabolism rate and drinking juice provides the vitamins to the body which prevents the human system from feeling weak.

It is not necessary to avoid taking carbohydrates, they can be taken; but on right time and in the right amount. There are some eatables that contain carbohydrates, including the vegetables and fruits; they help in losing weight more than any other thing. They are necessary for the human system if he/she wants to exercise for shedding pounds as carbohydrates provide the energy to the body which is required for the exercise.

Lemon helps in reducing weight; it can be consumed by squeezing on salad or drinking with hot water, but not more than one lemon should be consumed in a day as it can affect the internal organs negatively.

When a person plans to make an effort to lose weight, the most important thing which requires attention is the food he/she consumes because it changes the body by accumulating or burning the fats. These tips are for the individuals who are looking for how to lose 10kg in 2 months because it is not safe to shed many pounds in a single week, it can leave the internal system weak; so it is good to lose weight slowly. Following the above diet plan for how to lose 3kg in a week is not easy, but if the person follows it strictly; then it shows great results.

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