How to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days with home remedies

Do you know what dark circles are? Dark circles are the dark discoloration of the skin that occurs under the eyes, dark circles are also known by the name of shadows or dark rings. There can be many reasons behind the formation of the dark circles, but besides the reasons, it’s a fact that they make us appear ugly and unattractive. Sometimes dark circles are for no reason, but the reason behind them is heredity, the reason can be aging as well. Dry skin can also lead one to the dark circles, working for long hours in front the laptop can be a reason as well, stress can also cause them.

Dark circles can occur to anyone, no matter if you are a man or women if you have any of these things like etc then there are chances of appearing of the dark circles. Dark circles are a not a disease, but it is just a skin problem that can happen to the individuals of any age group. Dark circles can make you appear older and unhealthy; one should always avoid things that can cause dark circles. Everyone should have a flawless skin with no dark circles and pimples etc. There are many things that can cause pimples, but the main of all is the food, individuals should know that what food causes pimples.

If you have dark circles under the eyes then there is nothing to worry about because there are many home remedies that can help you to get rid of the dark circles. There are many reasons that can lead one to dark circles, but the thing is we usually ignore these reasons like the hormonal imbalances, during pregnancy or menopause can also lead one to the formation of the dark circles. There are many cosmetics that one can use, but sometimes they are of no use because these circles form on the inside and creams and lotions are just for the external use. These products usually have a price tag that people cannot even imagine to afford.

Dark circles should be treated on time, because if they are not treated on time, they can make your overall appearance dull no matter how lively it was once. When it comes to the perfect solution for the dark circles, one should not go for products that contain chemicals; remedies are the best so here are some of the best tips for how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days:

Cucumber for dark circles removal:

how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days

Cucumbers are not only good and refreshing in taste, but cucumber has skin lightening properties naturally, besides these best properties it also has a mild astringent property in it. Both of these help in fixing the raccoon in the eyes naturally and provide the eyes with a refreshing and a soothing look. All you have to do is, take a cucumber and cut it into thick slices and chill them in the refrigerator for half an hour.  When these slices become cold, then put them on the slices into the affected skin area for about 10 minutes. When done, then wash the area with water, you can do this on a daily basis to have the best results and besides this it also takes the tiredness away from the eyes. This is the answer to how to get rid of dark circles permanently.

Lemon Juice for removing dark circles:

how to get rid of dark circles permanently.

For the lightening of the skin, lemon is the best thing. The juice of lemon is good for a lot of skin problems; it has vitamin C in it which helps in removing the dark circles as well. Lemon juice is a natural source of skin lightening, for using the juice of lemon all you have to do is, take a cotton ball and use it to apply fresh lemon juice around your eyes. When applied, then wait for 10 minutes and after waiting, wash off the face. You can repeat this remedy everyday. But make sure that when you are using this over the eyes, it is not causing you a burning sensation, if it does then discontinue its use.

Almond Oil is best for dark circles:

how to remove dark circles home remedies

Almond oil is a natural dark circle remover; almond oil is a completely natural ingredient that has no side effects. It is best for lightening the dark circles that are caused under the eyes for different reasons. All you have to do is combine the oil of vitamin E with almond oil, massage with this oil gently over the eyes and leave it. Wash this oil off in the morning, next day and repeat this remedy as much as you can in a week. The answer to how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days is this.

Tomato to remove dark circles:

Tomato to remove dark circles

Tomato is a vegetable that is used by most of us on a daily basis, but most of the people do not know that besides eating it, it has powerful bleaching properties that can lighten skin very effectively. Using it is quite easy; all you have to do is mix tomato juice with lemon juice and apply gently over the dark circles, wait for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water. .

This is the best tip for how to remove dark circles home remedies.

 Rose Water is an amazing solution:

Rose water is best for the skin, for the eyes and even for the health as well. It has countless benefits, as the rose water not only rejuvenates the skin and reduces dark circles, but also make them appear attractive and lively. Rose water can be used as a skin toner also, all you have to do is soak a cotton pad in rose water and place the cotton over the eyes for 15 minutes, do this daily if you want excellent results. These are all the best tips for how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days.


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