How to grow eyebrows back fast naturally with home remedies

The shape of the eyebrows defines the face, no matter how the shape of your face is but the shape of your eyebrows should always be perfect. Bold and thick eyebrows are what most of the women’s wanted because all the models and red carpet divas have them, the shape of the eyebrows can make your looks bold and it can make you look innocent as well. The face of the person and its features says a lot about the personality of an individual. There are thousands of the homemade beauty tips for girls that they can try to have a flawless skin and face.

There are remedies that one can try to have the desired eyebrows rather than going for medical treatments, because medical treatments are costly and they have side effects as well. No one wants sparse eyebrows, people love thick and dense hair that’s why here are all the best solutions for you that you can do and have the best results in a week. Thick eyebrows is something that is never out demand because well-shaped eyebrows can enhance the appearance and the looks of the person as well, Here are some of the best remedies for how to grow eyebrows back fast naturally for you:

Onion Juice for quick growth:

how to grow eyebrows back fast naturally

The juice of onion is best for the growth of hair, whether it’s the hair of the head or the eyebrows; onion juice helps the hair in growing faster and thicker. The reason behind this is that, the juice of onion has sulfur, which improves the production of collagen tissues. It not only makes the growth of hair better, it also strengthens the hair follicles. All you have to do is, grind 1 small onion and extract all the juice you can from it. Apply this juice over the eyebrows and keep massaging for at least 5 minutes. Do this on a regular basis for a week and see what results you can get.

Fenugreek seeds for best growth:

how to make eyebrows grow back overnight

The seeds of fenugreek are another amazing thing that can help the hair in growing thick and healthy; the seeds of fenugreek are enriched with proteins. Apart from proteins, they also contain nicotinic acid and lecithin, which is best for the hair growth. These seeds of fenugreek also help in rebuilding hair follicles, all you have to do is take 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds and then soak them in water. Let them soak for almost 5 hours, when done, then grind them until they become a paste. Add 1 tbsp of any oil in this paste and apply it over the eyebrows on a daily basis. Do this remedy for 2 months, if you want to have the best results. This is the solution to how to make eyebrows grow back overnight.

Petroleum Jelly for denser hair:

Petroleum jelly for denser eyebrows

Petroleum jelly is best for the parts of the body that are dry; it can moisturize the brows and prevent the moisture from escaping. It is best for the eyebrows as it helps the hair in growing long and growing full as well, all you have to do is apply petroleum jelly over the brows and massage. Do not apply too much of it, apply only as needed and wash the face in the morning with tepid water. Petroleum jelly is best for the individuals with dry skin, if your skin is already oily, then avoid using it as it has high oil contents already.

Coconut oil & lemon to get eyebrows back: 

how to get thick eyebrows within a week

When coconut oil and lemon is mixed, it can make a great mixture that is best for the growth of the hair. All you have to do is take ¼ cup oil and blend it with the lemon peels, when you get a thick paste then stop blending. Take this mixture and apply it on the eyes, before going to bed. Use this on a regular basis and before going in the sunlight wash it off. This is the best of how to grow eyebrows back fast naturally.

Drink loads of water and massage regularly:

Drink loads of water and massage regularly

Water is not only good for the growth of the hair, but it is best for the overall health as well; water is the best thing to drink several times a day as it removes all the toxic substance from the body. It is recommended that one should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day on a regular basis. Drinking water can enhance your body system and improves the growth of the hair as well.

Instead of drinking water, another amazing thing that one can do is massaging your brows. It is a great way to improve eyebrow growth and for the growth of strong hair good circulation of blood is quite necessary. Take any oil and massage the area around your eyebrows. Massaging on a daily basis for 5-6 minutes can increase blood circulation and can provide you with the best results. Try this if you are looking for the answer to how to get thick eyebrows within a week.

Avoid lotions and over plucking:

When it comes to applying any lotion or creams over the face, we always apply it to the whole face even on your eyes and eyebrows as well which is not a good thing. For best growth of the eyebrow hair, proper care should be taken. A person should never apply any lotion or cream over the eyebrows, as these things contain chemicals which harm the hair and its growth. If the chemicals are used over the eyes, they can harm your eyebrow hair follicles, if any cream or lotion is applied to the eyebrows mistakenly, you can remove it using a cotton ball but it’s better to avoid that area. One the best tip for all the people who are looking for eyebrow solutions is that, never apply black pepper even If it is included in any remedy still don’t. These are all the best remedies that you can try for how to grow eyebrows back fast naturally.

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