How to do pedicure at home to remove tan with natural ingredients

Most of the people don’t want to admit the fact that our daily routines leave us tired and that’s why we don’t do anything that can relax us or make us feel pretty from the inside of us. There is a dire need for all of us to take some time out and take care of ourselves so that we can love us, feel pretty about us rather than looking at people and thinking why can’t we be like them. After all the daily chores, we should not neglect sparing a few minutes to take a rest and let the body relax.

Doing pedicure is at home is not a piece of cake, when it comes to the best pedicure, then a person must know all the professional pedicure steps; so that you can have the best results.  Most of us have a really tiring day, we walk around in the sun and that’s what causes our hands and feet to look ugly even if in reality they are not, exposed to sunlight they get dark and tanned which makes us hate them. Pedicure at salons are quite expensive, most of the people are unable to afford them.

For all these people homemade pedicures are the best because these are not expensive, but have the best results. When it comes to the pedicure, I personally and sincerely believe that people should give equal importance to the legs along with the feet. We all have seen people who are well dressed, but their feet are too dark that it breaks their personality so here are all the best tips for how to do pedicure at home to remove tan:

Pedicure with Lemon:
how to do pedicure at home to remove tan

Lemon is best for the skin, as lemon is a natural bleaching agent so it has the best results when it comes to removing the sun tan and making the complexion fair. If you have a sun tan on any part of the skin, whether it’s your arms, legs or feet, lemon can work best for you. Lemon has excellent results and that too are quite fast. All you have to do is a simple thing; take the juice of lemon and massage on the body with it. You can also mix the juice of lemon in water and then massage. Most of the times, we look too dark because there is a layer of dead skin of the body, lemon is the best for removing the dead skin.

Remove tan with white vinegar:

how to remove tan from hands in one day

Another best thing that you can use to remove the sun tan is the white vinegar, for doing a pedicure with white vinegar at home; all you have to do is add a few drops of white vinegar to your pedicure solution. For making a pedicure solution at home, you need these things: hot water, the juice of lemon, glycerin, salt and white vinegar as well. This solution made with the natural ingredients can help in lightening the dark feet; it will not only lighten the skin, but will also make the feet and hands soft. Glycerin is best for the skin as it makes the skin soft and it can also be used as a regular skin moisturizer whereas lemon and salt act as exfoliators over the skin. This is the best remedy for how to remove tan from hands in one day.

Massage of Hot oil for pedicure: 

how to remove tan from feet instantly

As we don’t usually care for the skin in our daily routines that is why the feet becomes dry and looks rough. The reason behind this is that the feet have no oil glands, and because of this it is very important to care for your feet by moisturizing them on a regular basis. The massage of hot oil is best for the skin because it removes the dead cells from the skin and not only this, but it cleanses the skin as well. Using hot or warm oil is the best thing that you can do to remove dirt from the skin folds. Sesame seed oil is also good to be used to whiten the dark feet. Besides this you can also use the coconut water, have a good massage with it if you have suntan on your feet. Looking for the answer to that how to do pedicure at home to remove tan then try this.

Ground floor & cucumber paste for removing tan:

cucumber paste for removing tan

This is also an amazing thing to do your pedicure and manicure with, take all these things in equal proportions and blend them. Add some drops of rose water to the solution that is grounded; the amazing mixture is ready to use. This pack can remove the sun tan within some minutes; you can apply it as a mask and can also dip your feet and hands in this water for 15 minutes and then massage to have the best results. This is the best thing to try if you want to know that how to remove tan from feet instantly.

Moisturizing is a must:

Don't forget moisturizing

Besides anything that you have done to clean the feet and hands, to keep them best another thing that is very important is to keep them moisturized. One should moisturize the feet and hands using lotion or anything on a daily basis, you can also make some best moisturizing lotions in home using natural ingredients. When it comes to moisturizing, massage the body parts for at least 10 minutes so that you can have the best results and a relax body as well. When done, then apply a fresh coat of nail polish so that you can make them more attractive and feel pretty. If you have cracks in your feet, then cure them as well, all you have to do is mix some Vaseline with lime juice and apply. After applying this, wrap your feet or wear loose cotton socks, leave these socks worn on the feet overnight and then wash the feet with lukewarm water the next day. Try all these best tips for how to do pedicure at home to remove tan.

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