How to contour nose to look smaller and attractive

Different people have different size of nose and shapes, as every face is unique and pretty in its own way. Some people are conscious about their looks or the size of the features and that makes them feel ugly about their self which is not a good thing. There are many ways through which you can restore your lost confidence like makeup, even if you have a big nose. You can contour it and make it small, if you have small eyes you can enhance them through makeup.

Makeup tricks and products can do anything; all you need to know is how to use these things. Learning about things that can make you look prettier is something great that any women can do, so one must know all the best beauty hacks for skin. Contouring the face can make you something different, prettier and sharp featured, you can try using make up to contour and highlight the shape of your nose, but if you want a permanent solution then you should start doing facial exercises as they can reduce the size of your nose.

Making your nose appear smaller when it is not in real is not an easy thing; you need to learn a lot because if you don’t do it the right way, you can make yourself even uglier. People struggle with contouring because they don’t know how to do it, once they know the techniques, then they get to know that contouring of the nose is not so hard. When someone has a bigger nose and they want to hide it, then the recommended thing to start from is the foundation. The color of the foundation should be two shades darker, than the actual shade of the skin or the foundation that you actually use. Contouring is not hard, all you have to do is just make few lines and blend them, here are some of the best tips for how to contour nose to look smaller:

Contouring for wider nose:

how to contour nose to look smaller
everyone has different nose and that is an obvious thing, some people have small nose while some have a wide and large nose. People struggle a lot with their nose, some want to make the nose look shorter while some want to make it look a bit bigger. To achieve the desired results, in case of the nose contouring is the best thing.

If you have a nose that is wider, then you should apply foundation on the outer side of your nose. Draw two lines, with a dark color of the foundation outside of the nose. After applying the foundation, blend it and make sure that you have blend it as best as you can, towards your cheeks. When done, then take a lighter color and fill in the middle of the two lines, blend a little once again and that’s all. Bigger nose does not look good so learn how to make your nose smaller with makeup.

Contouring for long nose:

how to make your nose smaller with makeup
If you have a long nose and you don’t like it, then contour it and make it short. For making the long nose look smaller, apply a darker shade of foundation to the tip and underneath. Contour it well and see what magic it will make, this simple trick can make your long nose appear smaller. When it comes to makeup, one must know that blending is a must. If you don’t know that how to contour nose to look smaller then try this.

Focus on all the features to have a proper look:

how to contour nose with eyeshadow

If you focus on all the features your face have, no matter how your nose is it won’t matter too much, but if you focus on the nose only you will end up making a mess. When it comes to the contouring part, one must highlight the cheekbones as well; the next thing that you must highlight is the brows.

Don’t you know how contouring works?

how contouring works?

Contouring is not something too difficult, all you have do is use makeup that is a bit darker than the natural tone of your skin to make your nose look as you want. You can make your features as desired; all you have to do is use the right things in the right way. Make up cannot make your nose slim physically; all it can do is make the look of the nose slimmer and shorter.

When it comes to the contouring of the features, most of the people like to go for cream based make up as they find it easy to blend. If you don’t have cream based makeup or anything to contour, you can use matte eye shadows as well. One thing that you must avoid is a shimmer, while contouring the nose make sure that you don’t use shimmer. If you are using a shadow use the one that is three shades darker than your skin tone, and same is the case if you are using a highlighter for contouring. It is another interesting thing to know that how to contour nose with eyeshadow so try this.

Bright colors helps in hiding the nose:

Hiding the nose

One of the best tips that no one can ever give you in your life is to wear the bright or bold lipstick that it draws the attention of the viewers away from your nose, all you have to do is wear a bright and a bold color after makeup and that’s all. When it comes to the lipstick part, make an outline with a lip pencil and always make sure that you have chosen the shade that’s a bit darker from the shade that you are going to apply. Then apply the lip color using a brush, when done, then place tissue in the lips and blot. Lipstick is another thing that one must know which is good and how to apply because it is also an appearance enhancer. These are all the best tips for how to contour nose to look smaller.

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