Want to know how to grow eyelashes faster home remedies?

Everyone has different dreams, but when it comes to women; almost all the women love long and lustrous lashes. They dream to get long lashes, but sometimes some people fail to accomplish this. People usually don’t know that what are the common makeup mistakes and how to fix them, most of the people have lashes that are either short or nonexistent, but it’s a fact that lashes can add a charm to the look and the personality of a person that’s why people love lashes that are long.

The eyes are the window to the soul that’s why people usually try to enhance them and keep them dressed, for looking marvelous people usually wear false lashes and do a lot of chores but what’s natural have no comparison to any other thing. Artificial lashes too, look good and can also provide one with the desired results, but wearing these lashes is uncomfortable and cumbersome. Some people face a lot of troubles because the rate of growth of their eyelashes is really slow, for all such people, here are some breath taking remedies that can work best and can provide drastic results. Here are some of the best tricks for how to grow eyelashes faster home remedies:

Don’t forget trimming:

how to grow eyelashes faster home remedies

Trimming is a good thing and especially in case of healthy growth of the hair, no matter if it’s the hair of the head or eyes, trimming are the best thing to do for you. When it comes to the best growth of the eyelashes, the trimming of the eyelash hair works like magic, same like the trimming of the head hair make the hair thick and grows faster, the trimming of the eyelashes makes them thick and grows fast if once trimmed.

Always make sure that if you are going to trim your lashes, use a well sharpened cuticle trimming scissor because when you use such scissors, then it can help in stimulating the follicles and the lashes will start growing as desired. If you want to trim the eyelashes perfectly, then use a magnifying glass, when it comes to the trimming one must do them, once In a week. By doing this you can get long eyelashes in 7 days.

Remove makeup:

  long eyelashes in 7 days

Wearing makeup sometimes causes harm to the eyes because makeup contains chemicals of different types, wearing makeup can dry out your lashes and because of this, our eyelashes fall more. Sometimes when people remove their makeup, they fail to keep their lashes healthy and removing makeup harshly can also cause eye irritation or even sties. When it comes to removing the makeup, one should always do it gently and take maximum care that the lashes should never fall off because once they fall off, they grow back too slow.

Give your lashes a break from makeup:

how to grow eyelashes with coconut oil

Some girls wear makeup on a daily basis and sometimes that the reason behind thin and unhealthy lashes, wearing makeup on a daily basis is not a good thing. If wearing makeup is not necessary, then give your eyelashes a break and if you can’t then take good care of the eyes.

Do remedies and apply things that can benefit the eyes, do not apply makeup that can irritate your eyes, which can cause your lashes to break or even fall out. Remove the makeup as soon as you can, never let the makeup stay on the eyes overnight as it is not a good thing. One should use the eyelash curler less as it can harm the eyelashes, or if you want to use, then make sure that you applied mascara on the eyes.

When it comes to having the best eyelashes, then one should not even rub the eyelashes, if applied false lashes never pull them out too harshly as it is not good for the eyes. Rubbing the lashes means doing things that your eyes can’t bear. When it comes to massaging the eyes, one should do it carefully making sure that your massage does not hurt the eyes and the lashes, if your eyes hurt then do it slowly and gently. Try this for how to grow eyelashes faster home remedies.

Green tea for long eyelashes:

Green tea for eyelashes

In achieving the perfect eyelashes, another thing works great and that is green tea. Green tea is great if you want to have thicker and longer, as green tea has flavonoids inside it, which stimulate the eyelash growth and strength. For making the remedy, all you have to do is simple, just make a cup of green tea and add honey to it. Dip cotton swab in this tea and apply over the eyes, let it stay over the eyes for 20 minutes and then wash your face. While applying, make sure that it does not enter your eyes.

Coconut Oil for fast eyelashes growth:

Looking to know how to grow eyelashes with coconut oil? You search ends here. Coconut oil is best for hair as it helps the hair in growing fast, for the people who say that their hair doesn’t grow it is recommended by the experts. You can use it as it is, without mixing anything in it. All you have to do is take the oil and apply it with a cotton bud over the lashes and wash it in the morning next day.

Egg for eyelashes growth:

Egg for long eyelashes

Egg is a great thing; it is great as a food and as a part of the home remedies as well. It is used in different remedies that people do in their homes, egg is enriched with vitamin and proteins that why it has thousands of the best benefits. The protein that is present in eggs can make the eyelashes thicker and longer as well. Apart from that, the eggs contain biotin and B vitamins that play a major role in improving the overall texture of your lashes so using egg over the eyelashes is quite a good thing.

All you have to do is, take an egg, beat it and add glycerin to it. But again, until you get a thick and creamy paste, then dip cotton into it and apply it over the eyes. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash off using fresh and cold water. Do the same thing for some months to achieve the perfect results. These are all the best tips for how to grow eyelashes faster home remedies.

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