Makeup tips to help you look younger than your actual age

Every woman in the world has a dream and that is to look young even if she is already in her 90’s, every one of us always wants the youthful version of ourselves. There are many things that we can do to slow down the ageing process like eating a lot of things that have mineral and proteins inside them. Wearing a good sunscreen that has no side effects so it’s good, drinking a specific amount of water and doing exercise. These all things are the best and can make you look really young but all these things take time and if you want a sudden makeover then only makeup can do that.

People usually think that for a good makeover you need a lot of makeup products and that too should be very expensive ones. Makeup can make you look good and you can make any kind of look with it, if the products you use are not too expensive still it’s OK as long as you know how to use it. The trick of knowing that how to apply it is necessary, another very important thing that everyone must know is how to increase eye lashes?

Sometimes in order to look good people do things which make them look worse and that is because people do makeup in the wrong way and they don’t know what the technique of applying different shades are. Here are some of the best makeup tips to help you look younger:

Use a sponge instead of hands:

makeup tips to help you look younger

Some people are too conscious about themselves that when it comes to makeup they usually try to cover themselves up with the foundation. When it comes to applying a  foundation people usually use their hands, which make their features flat, instead of the foundation people should go for sponges because they are best and when people use sponge the chances of getting pimples on the skin is also less.

Pick up the right or the best shade of the foundation that you need, dab it on the face with a sponge. The sponge usually absorbs water and only less foundation will be stuck on the face, when done then blend it more with fingers. The thing that you should avoid is making the face cakey. Looking for tips that how to look younger than your age with makeup then try this.

Choose the right pencil:

how to look younger than your age with makeup

Whenever it comes to wearing the best makeup there are many things that people shouldn’t do like people fill their eyebrows with the same color as the hair and they fill them too dark, which is wrong. For a perfect look individuals should go for a shade that’s a bit lighter than the original color of the eyebrows.

The eyebrows should not be too bold and sharp in shape as they can make you look older and bold, people should have a soft and an innocent face. Filling in the eyebrows is a must so rather than just throwing a shade or a pencil there, learn how to do the perfect thing; so that you can perfect and rock the floor with your young and bright looks.

Eyes are important:

how to look younger with makeup tricks

The eye of the person is the focal point of the eyes and the window to the soul, in making up the personality the eyes of the person plays an important role. Eyes can make you look young and same way eyes can make you look older as well, aging can make you look extremely ugly and so on. If you take care of your eyes, they can help you a lot in looking young even if you are not.

Make up products can do a lot to the eye as an eyelash curler, shimmering shadow, mascara, and brow powder can turn back the clock, if these things cannot do anything permanent, still there is a relief that they can do temporarily. Curling your lashes and wearing funky eye shadows can work best for the eyes, fill color in the brows and apply mascara, that’s all. These are the only things that you need to have a perfectly young look. This is one of the best makeup tips to help you look younger.

Too pale foundation:

right foundation shade

Most of the people have a concept that the foundation must match the complexion which is wrong. As the age grows, the skin gets pallid and gets a bit dead, so that does not mean that you have to choose the color that matches exactly with the skin. When it comes to looking young and beautiful, one must go for the shade that is a bit warm and a bit brighter than the skin tone. Mix the current shade of the skin with a bit brighter and then apply the foundation, rather than applying with hands, go for the brush. Interested to know how to look younger with makeup tricks, try this trick.

Choosing wrong color:

Choosing wrong foundation color

Many women end up making themselves a pastry when it comes to wear makeup on their own, if the foundation does not match rightly with your neck and face then all your tricks is useless. A makeup can make a person look good and it can make you look worse as well. The right makeup can make you look 10 times young while the wrong makeup can add years to your looks and face.

If you go too dark while choosing the shades, or if you don’t contour the features or go for all the things that are too dull, you are simply going towards an old look. There are many things that can make you look young and good like highlighting the chin and the cheekbone. If you have a tan skin, you can still rock all you need to do is check what suits you and will look good on you. These are all the amazing makeup tips to help you look younger, so try all these.

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