Eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger and beautiful

Big eyes are something that is always loved and the reason behind this is that, big eyes appear youthful and provides a healthy look. Not all the individuals are born with over-sized amazing eyes, but there are so many artful tricks with which one can make the eyes look big and great. When it comes to the looks, everything matters so knowing about everything, even if it’s nude lipsticks for light and dark skin tones is very important; it is something that every girl should know. They are many trends that have come and gone such as a dark liner was once in fashion and then came the fashion of dark lipstick but big eyes are something that is always in fashion.

People love big eyes and they have always been the ideal of the fashion lovers, only some lucky people are blessed with such beauty. The ones who are not blessed with big eyes are always in the urge to make the eyes big and make them pop up with the makeup. Luckily, the makeup products can do this; all you have to do is know about a few best tricks and technique to make the eyes appear bigger. If you are looking for the best eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger than here are the best tips for you:

Get your brows in shape:

eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger


When it comes to make your eyes appear bigger, the first thing that is the most important and one should focus upon is getting the eyebrows plucked or you can say in shape. Not plucking eyebrows can make you appear ugly even if you are not, they can change your whole appearance, but groomed arched eyebrows create a flattering frame for the eyes, eyebrows and its shape can also make the eyes bigger and that’s true.

The shape of eyebrows can play a lot of roles in making the look of the face and eyes. One should always keep the upper and the lower area of the eyebrows clean, fill the gaps with pencil or anything like eye shadow etc. there are a lot of things that you can use to fill the space between the eyebrows.

Even the tone, remove dark circles:

makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger

Another thing that is very important to do is to remove the dark circles as dark circle around the eyes kill all your good looks and provides the face with a dull look, if you don’t have dark circles your eyes will already appear larger. Dark circles do not only look bad, but they also make your eyes appear smaller, all you need to remove them in a minute is a concealer, a right concealer can work like magic on the dark circles.

It makes the eyelashes dark removing the round around the eyes, the best shade to choose is the one that is a bit lighter than the shade of your skin. When it comes to concealing the eyes, one should blend the concealer perfectly to have a perfect look.

Apply liner and a line under your eyes:

eyeliner tips for big eyes

Liner is something that without it, the eyes are incomplete. You can use the eye liner for a lot of purpose, you can draw a line under the eye as it can enhance the eyes and can make them look bigger, apply them above the eyes can make you look more flawless. Eyeliner can add beauty to your overall look, if you want your eyes to appear bigger than apply the liner a little heavier on the outside. You can also use a white pencil inside the eyes. Try this amazing eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger.

When you are applying liner, then make sure that you don’t apply the eyeliner all around your eyes as it can make the eyes appear smaller, small eyes don’t look bad, but if you want big eyes then do not go for it. Make your eyes a bit smoky or something that can suit you rather than applying liner all over the eyes.

This is the best eyeliner tips for big eyes so give it a try.

Reduce puffiness:

reduce puffiness

If you want to look great and want your eyes to appear bigger than remove all the puffiness from your eyes. Swelling around the eyes does not look good and it can make your eyes look smaller, there are many ways through one can reduce puffiness from the eyes. One of the best ways to do is to get plenty of sleep and make sure that you are getting enough. Wash your face a lot of times in a day, and wash it with cold water all the times.

Another best thing that you can do is used ice or place tea bag over the eyes. One thing that you must avoid is taking a lot of salt as salt can lead to puffiness. If you are looking for the ideas that what are the best makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger then try this.

Low lid mascara:


One of the main things that can make your eyes look bigger is the mascara, a touch of the mascara over the lowers lids of your eyes can make your eyes pop up. The contrast of the dark mascara and the light skin is a fabulous one, applying the mascara one can brighten up the whole frame of the skin.

If you want to have an amazing look with a comfortable carrying product then uses waterproof mascara. Whether you have applied all the makeup, but if you haven’t applied the mascara, the makeup can never be complete and it’s the best hack to make the eyes look bigger as well. Here are all the best tips of eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger.

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