How to choose lipstick for your skin tone to look perfect

Girl’s all around the world are crazy over cosmetics and wearing make up of different kinds, everyone wants to appear attractive, but for that they need to know the tricks and tips about applying things. Lipstick is the main part or you can say the lips are the focal point of the face so they need to be dressed up perfectly. When it comes to wearing makeup, people usually do not think about choosing lipstick for their skin tone instead they choose anything that according to them looks good on the store shelves and that’s what people are doing wrong.

There are thousands of the lipstick shades and all of them attract the eyes so choosing a single one for women is quite hard, choosing a shade is more important than being hard because a shade of the lip color can make your lips appear bigger and smaller as well. Different colors are best for different occasions, but the skin tone and the undertone also matters. There are two types of undertones; cool and warm, determining the skin tone is quite an easy thing. All you have to do is to check the color of your veins; if they are bluish then your skin tone is cooler and if they are purple, then the undertone of your skin is warm.

If you want a lip color that you can wear every day, then check the natural color of your lips, choose a lipstick that goes with your natural color but is two shades darker then it, that’s it.  There are many things to consider when you are going to choose a lip color, people usually don’t know the beauty tips and tricks at home. They are also not aware of how to choose lipstick for your skin tone, so here is a guide for you guys:

Fair skin

how to choose lipstick for your skin tone

People believe that fair skin is a blessing, it is something that can go with everything like all the shades. But it is not totally true because there are most of the shades that looks nice on the darker skin, all you have to do is carry the shade well. If the complexion is fair, people usually choose to go for lighter shades of lipstick like nudes, pinks or light browns. Girls with cool tones should go for nude or a soft mocha color, whether the girls with warm tones should look for nude peach or pale pinks as it is the best for them. Apart from that there are many girls who wants to go for dark lips and they know they will look amazing in it as they know to carry and how to apply it. The nude lipstick colors are something that can make the fair complexion more fair like beige and light pink. Knowing that, how to choose lipstick for your skin tone is something that everyone should know.

Medium skin

How to apply lipstick on dark lips

People usually think that if you don’t have a fair complexion you can never look pretty, but that’s not right as everyone can look pretty and can rock the floor with the right shade of the lipstick. If you know your skin type, then choose the shade of the lipstick according to it so that you can look prettier than anyone with fair complexion. Choosing the right shade of the lipstick according the skin shade is not a hard task, If you have medium skin tones, you can choose from a lot of colors like browns, red, fuchsia and peaches. If you have medium complexion, but the undertones are warm, then try copper or bronze colors the best with a medium complexion and cool undertones are pinks and cranberry colors. How to apply lipstick on dark lips is something all the people with dark lips should know.

Olive skin

How to apply pink lipstick perfectly

Olive complexion is always something that is already gorgeous, people have this skin tone very rarely, but the ones who have it appear truly attractive. There are many colors which look best on olive skin, but red orange is something excellent. If you love bold and bright then you must have olive skin, it’s good even if you get a tan in summers you can still go for it, there is no color that would be better than this for you. How to apply pink lipstick perfectly is a trick that demands amazing practice.

Dark skin

Lipstick for dark skin tone

The shades of the skin are just colors, all of them are good no matter how much dark they are. Dark reds are the best for the darker skin shades because they can make your lips more gorgeous. If you have dark skin with cooler undertones, then you must try ruby and wine-colored hues, but if you have warmer undertones then coppers and bronzes look pretty. Apply only red is not a must as some dark complected ladies look lovely in nudes and lighter colors rather than the ones who have a really fair complexion. People who have dark skin should avoid going for bright as it is something that can suit people quite unusually. Another thing that people must know when they are learning how to pick lipstick for your skin tone is that there will rarely be a time when you want your lip color to resemble your skin tone, apply a base on them in this case and then apply lipstick. Sometimes people get fed up of the rules for picking up the colors according to their skin shades and sometimes they need something that is not good for them, but still they want it, so to all the girls I just wanted to let you all know that the only rule you have to follow is to wear what makes you feel good. All skin tones and lip colors are not the same, so rather than avoiding them try and experiment with colors you like. How to choose lipstick for your skin tone is something that every girl should know.

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